No-news day

One of the more head-scratching solutions papers are clawing at to save themselves is eliminating a day or two of print, as these Ohio papers are doing on Tuesdays. It’s ridiculous to say that’s a no-news day. But what this really does is make a lie of the supposed necessity of printing the news. Printing is merely a commercial convenience, it says. Tuesday is merely the first domino.

  • But Jeff, isn’t that what you preach, that printing is merely a commercial convenience? I’d think you’d be happy that they were sliding down this slippery slope toward the eventual demise of print.

    I agree with you in the end, however. As someone who actually likes reading something printed on paper, I would be angry if my local daily did this. I think the Detroit papers’ plan to still print on some days but sell on newsstands only on those days is equally ludicrous. Newspaper companies still make the bulk of their money from advertising placed in print products, so why would they do things to anger and alienate customers who still prefer (or at least are willing to support) those products?