Blurbs of the people

I’ve been wishing for sometime that movie ads would blurb bloggers over the same old hacks, with links so I could see what real people say about movies (and so I could judge their taste, unlike that of that Jeff Craig Sixty Second Preview thang).

I plan to talk the publisher to include blurbs of the people when and if a paperback of What Would Google Do? is published. If I’m successful, here’s the blurb I would be honored to include from blogger Gregg Morris:

…Jarvis not only “gets it” he “explains it”. As very few have been able to do. And he does that not just for those “in the know” he does it for the average Joe as well. If you are having trouble coming to grips with the new world order, Google and the niche economy, and what it means to you as an individual, a business or an organization I would encourage you to get to Amazon’s site or down to your closest Barnes and Noble and get a copy as quickly as you can. And if you are one of the gazillion people out of work right now you might want to get there quicker.

What he says. I couldn’t resist snipping those kind words. Thanks, Gregg.