I’m baaa-aaack

I just went in the corrected (I hope) manuscript for my book. It has been a real crunch at the end (because the deadline and pub date were moved up) so I declared life bankruptcy. I did nothing but work on the book, teach, and say hello to my family on my way into the office. Nothing.

I’ve missed the blog and feel particularly lax since it — you — were so vital to the process of writing the book. But then again, I heard no protests. I’ll act as if that’s not a message.

I’ll now try to catch up with life and with the blog.

  • It takes a very good friend to take the time to tell you you’re flagging on blogging. So many good blogs, so little time. Glad you’re back though.. I missed your daily entries.

  • Bill Thompson

    We didn’t whinge because we’re your friends, not your audience. And we all want to read the book when it comes out – at which point we’ll probably disagree. In a friendly manner :-)

    Well done – hope the family has forgiven you, because they matter the most.

  • Walter Abbott

    Life events intercede into everyone’s routines. Glad you’re back to blogging. Speaking for myself, I missed your posts.

  • It’s the best feeling if you end something and start something new. Grats and good luck!

    Smile! Gerrit – We speak Online.

  • Don’t imagine that no one cared, Jeff, but the web goes on. I quit blogging altogether recently due to a family crisis, amid very few protests (though none from my family).

    Glad to have you back.

  • Amy

    I missed your updates – figured you were beavering away in your office.

    Great to see you back. Well done!

  • chico

    Don’t worry, not much has happened in the last couple of weeks.

  • Jeff, former advertising copywriter here. You might want to correct your post, which now reads: “I just WENT in the corrected (I hope) manuscript for my book.”

    For those of us who have children and dogs, of course, this means you took a leak on your manuscript. Not your intention, I presume — you must have meant SENT!

    Fun with typos,