Uh, is that camera on?

I hope I’m not the last to discover this: Harry Shearer complies great off-air moments of Laura Ingraham being a complete itch. If you’re a Howard Stern fan and you like those moments from Orson Welles ,William Shattner, and Jessica Savitch having snit fits, then you’ll love this.

  • You know what…. I kinda like it. It’s as if she’s the first human being to get a job at Fox, and she spends her whole day mesmerised by how awful it all is. If I was about to anchor a news show and a researcher hadn’t given me any backgroun material on a guest, I’d be pretty miffed.

    (Although to be fair I’d probably do my OWN research, but I don’t know how this sorta thing works)

  • Knowing nothing about this woman or her show, my first impression is that she is trying to do a professional job without proper support. Yes, she is exasperated, but she is not disrespectful to a crew that seems to be letting her down. How is that a “complete itch”?

  • Chris Cavs

    I don’t know, this isn’t too bad. I’ve seen worse anchors in my time. Most of her complaints are pretty legit.

  • In 2005 Laura was very ill with breast cancer. In the meantime there was treatment. Now is now but 3 years is not a long time.

    Chemotherapy and other treatments do take a long term toll on our memory, ability to work under pressure, disposition, and hey – lets face it, cancer changes what we want out of life.

    Laura may need things presented to her in a much more orderly way, and that’s not the way it’s done at Fox. Let’s hope Laura figures out just what it was that made this job so difficult for her to manage.

    What she learned could help cancer patients everywhere if she’ll share it.

  • Agreed with others; I think she’s trying to cope with a show that’s seriously disorganized.

  • Martin Fogg

    A complete itch? Oh, you mean BITCH. I guess ITCH is the new euphemistic pc variant. I love the english language and I think that this latest addition to our hip-colloquial lexicon is going to be a hit. Oh, and by the way, regarding Ms. Ingrahams comportment. On the one hand, I would actually applaud her relative composure in the face of such mind-bending incompetence. On the other hand, it is right that she should suffer those boobs because she works for agents of Satan.

  • BW

    “Any questions for this bug guy? Other than ‘are you kidding me?'”

  • ice

    Hilarious, a competent woman surrounded by idiots and she keeps her cool. I love her.

  • el Ricardo the smooth man

    As far as show biz goes, this is Mary Poppins. Check the Paul Anka meltdown, or Buddy Rich

  • Damn, I might just have to give the political theater that passes for news on Fox a little more credit! At least, they picked a professional to spew their venom. The question is how long before off camera persona succumbs to the Fox culture and begins to resemble the lackadaisical attitudes of the crew that surrounds her?