My baby’s 1,000

I was gobsmacked and delighted to see that my baby, Entertainment Weekly, just came out with its 1000th issue (and they’re about to issue a redesign in its 1001st; I had to redesign it after only 15 issues because — I’ll now confess since I couldn’t then — the first design sucked). I also happened to have breakfast yesterday with old friend Scott Donaton, who’s the new boss of the business, and was also glad to see it’s in good hands.

  • Congrats! I read this blog for a while and didn’t realize you created EW; it was only after reading an interview with you that I learned that. EW’s great.

  • EssPee

    I’m not at all a fan of the new design, which seems dumbed down to an extraordinary degree. EW has long been the magazine for staying on top of pop culture no matter what your age or base of knowledge, and I rarely failed to learn something from every issue.

    But the graphic- and whitespace-happy redesign, which blows up the pictures even bigger, increases the font size, eliminates many features and shrinks the amount of text everywhere you look, isn’t that magazine. I know redesigns are often works in progress, but this one’s gone in a discouraging direction so. It looks like someone at Time Inc. decided they needed to pitch relentlessly for the tween demographic, leaving the rest of us at the side of the road.

    Anyway, I’d be interested in your thoughts. Our redesign issue just arrived yesterday.