I’ve got issues

Is Google psychoanalyzing me?

I just noticed that all the AdSense ads on the page with this post were for anger management.

Well, I didn’t think I sounded angry. How did Google conclude that I was? Is it targeting ads just to words or now to moods?

Next time I do go on a rant, I expect them to advertise massages, spas, merlots, and drugs.

  • Perry

    I don’t see angry ads on that page.

    Google is targeting based it’s knowledge of your browsing habits.

    That’s why I clear my cookies regularly.

  • Matt Kaufman

    aahh, next time you go on a rant i want to go with you

  • janice

    maybe when google sees the word killing, it tries to save the universe.

  • Michael Katcher

    @ Perry – I’m not sure I see the logic. I would assume all ads are useless and the more targeted they are, the less useless they become. Are you afraid that Google will use your browsing habits to deduce your likely passwords and steal your money? I’ve never understood all the hype over the evils of behavorial targeting.

  • Nice Googlebaiting there, Jeff. Let me help you out with that:

    massages, spas, merlots, and drugs!
    massages, spas, merlots, and drugs!
    massages, spas, merlots, and drugs!

  • We forgot viagra.

  • Now the ads on that page offer the chance to meet Jewish singles. Does that mean that Google thinks Jews are angry or that getting laid will cure my anger?

  • Don’t feel bad…Google recently displayed ads on my blog for Meeting Gay Singles! Not that I have anything against that, but it’s no where near the topic of my blog. Ironically, the post was about optimizing Google AdSense!

  • Daniel Freedman


    Count your blessings. I’m a 50 year old who recently set a PR of 22:31 in a 5 km race…good enough for 8th of 48th in my age category.

    My reward? A cheesy Facebook ad accusing me of being “50 and overweight” and suggesting green tea is the answer to my problems. I hastily deleted my age from my profile. Alas, ’twas to no avail. The ad continues to appear. And family members continue to complain I’m “too thin.”

    I should be amused. But I’m not. Is this a character flaw? Or justifiable wrath?

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