Thinking big

A friend told me to go to the Washington Post home page immediately and when I did, here’s what I saw:

BigThink promo

Pleasant surprise for the morning. This is the fruit of BigThink’s partnership with the Post, adding quality video interviews with smart people (present company and excerpt excepted).

I’ve been impressed with BigThink and its founders. I see it as a video version of Comment Is Free or Huffington Post. They’ve managed to get an impressive list of interviewees and the format is compelling.

Here‘s the video on WaPo. For readers of this blog, there’s not much new from me. And if you can bear it, here’s more blather.

How they do it is kinda cool: You sit in a closet staring at a teleprompter but rather than text there, you see the face of your interviewer.

  • marc

    Sounds like you were subjected to Errol Morris’ Interrotron.

  • Antoinette

    BigThink? Say more!

  • Mikael

    Barack Obama and his supporters should not feel so sure that they have the Democratic nomination all sewed up.

    The internet is swirling with rumors that there is a video out there that contains incredibly racist and inflammatory comments by Michelle Obama:

    Now even the mainstream media is recognizing that these rumors exist, and there are some analysts who are totally convinced that this tape exists. Most seem to believe that the Republicans have it, and that they will release it during the general election campaign when it would have the best chance to ensure that McCain will be elected:

  • That is a big reason why Clinton is going to hold onto her delegates by only suspending her campaign and not ending it. I wouldnt be suprised if that video did exist, its about time America wakes up and makes the right choice.