Graydon Carter, child pornographer

I blame the adults around Miley Cyrus for exploiting her: Graydon Carter, editor of Vanity Fair, Annie Liebovitz, her agents, and her parents. She’s just a kid with a sweet show that millions more kids — including my daughter — love. She didn’t go out out on a Lindsay Lohan bender. She did was she was told. The photos are not the scandal that the press is making them out to be nor as shocking as various prudish parents’ associations will think as they, too, exploit young Miley. But Carter and Liebovitz knew damned well that they would cause this fuss. So they used a young girl to get attention. Liebovitz shouldn’t have taken the photos but more to the point, Carter shouldn’t have published them. Miley’s not the immature and irresponsible one here. Graydon is.