Bad news for London fliers

Eos, the great all-business (all-first, actually) airline to London is shutting down after something snagged its $50 million in financing, forcing it into bankruptcy. This pretty much leaves Silverjet, which I fly every time to London (and which offered Eos paassengers tickets at the same price). I can only hope that with the reasonably priced all-business market to London pretty much to itself — even though Virgin and BA are going to bring in all-biz flights, they are sure to be much more expensive — this will help Silverjet. If I had to fly one of the big, old guys at their big, old prices, I think I’d become an American isolationist. Man, the airline industry is a mess and with the price of fuel doing what it’s doing and the credit crunch, it’s only going to get messier. Damn.

  • Sad to see Eos go….not least because it was a client!

  • Richard A

    Jeff, have you never been in Virgin’s club lounge in Heathrow? It’s fantastic. And the price tag on Virgin upper class is about the same as Silverjet (and you don’t have to fly Newark to Luton).

    Not that I fly business that often…

  • ronp123

    taking Silverjet for the first time this weekend. usually fly virgin but silverjet roundtrip is the same price as virgin premium economy. will see how it goes.