Fame in Portugal

When I was in Lisbon last week, I Twittered about it and out of nowhere, I got email from a journalist who wanted to come by for a chat. That’s one of those amazing internet moments: a connection that could never have been made otherwise. João Pedro Pereira came with his colleague, Pedro Ribeiro, and we had a really enjoyable chat on the balcony of my room at the Lapa Palace under a beautiful Portuguese sun as a photographer, Daniel Rocha, snapped away. What made it such fun was that Pedro announced that they’d be playing good-cop-bad-cop; João agrees with some of what I say on the blog, Pedro doesn’t. I’m still amazed they read it. I’m more amazed at the play this got today in their paper, Público, with a page-one promo and an inside section cover. I knew Portugal was a quiet country and this is the proof! Here’s the link. If they say I’m a fast-talking American who’s full of it, don’t tell me. Here’s the cover: