More Lisbon




And the Lapa Palace was nice enough to equip the room well…


  • We booked a week end in Lisbon for a hen night in June and all the time I wasn´t convinced, that this city might be the best place for our girls nights out adventures. Your pics totally changed my mind :-))

  • Daniela,
    It’s a very quiet city. In only a day, I can’t get my hands around it but it is very different.

  • Welcome to Portugal Jeff, hope you have a great time.And it seems you got lucky about the weather.

  • Ah Taylors!

  • Hi!

    I see you already found some good places to have a nice walk in the bairro alto, also Lapa in itself is lovely. All those old neighborhoods are very diverse and authentic, always a pleasure to walk on them and observe.

    Also if you have any desire to se around you can also take the train to Cascais and get to see the Tejo margin until there. Its a very good train sightseeing.

    And Cascais is still a very small and nice place even with so many stores and new places it has grown to have. Sintra is also a reference for everyone.

    Enjoy your stay!

    I will be there in July, i suppose it will be hotter then but will be very nice at the same.