In Lisbon

Got to Lisbon at 5:30 this morning and, thanks to a flat-bed seat and Ambien, felt civilized enough to go out for a run around town.

A view from the room:


Bright, polished silver in the fish market:







  • Try a glass of something cheering on the terrace of Castelo Sao Jorge. Great views of the city. Also, if you like port, two things. Instituto de Vino de Porto. Serves great vintages by the glass. And if you’ve never had white port, do try it as an aperitif before dinner. Vinho Porto Branco (and you probably want Secco too, dry).
    Depending upon where you’re eating, Queijo de Azeitao is pretty good as a hors d’oeuvre.

  • and NOT Starbucks…. Lisbon is FAR too interesting to bother with a Starbucks! :)

  • Oh yes, Lisbon & Lapa in spring…

    Taking an evening stroll through Bairro Alto, choosing a nice restaurant there and having a drink down at the Tejo at Lux afterwards would be my recommendation.

    Anyway, Enjoy!

  • Welcome , enjoy the sun and the fish, while drinking wine.

  • Wow great pictures of Lisbon! Absolutely inviting.

    Let’s send our presidential candidates off on a short vacation, they can sleep late, relax somewhat and return to inspire us. really! I hope Lisbon sends them an invite.