I have WWGD? on the brain, because I’m writing a book under that title and because the title has been the subject of discussion the last few days. I went looking around for references to the namesake — WWJD — and found all sorts of amusement, including this year-old video, magnificently blasphemous:

Which answers the now-classic question, what would Jesus drive?

Here’s Andrew Nachison complaining about my title:

I have to admit, the tongue-in-cheek play on the more serious “What Would Jesus Do” irks me. Google is a splendid example of a new role for media companies – they connect people to each other. In Google’s terms, they index the world. Dale and I say Google “remediates” the world – reconnects people to each other through information. The humans create the knowledge and actions that follow – but Google is there to expedite the process as much as possible. In that sense, yes, I think WWGD is right on.

But in other ways, I don’t think Google is the ultimate test of a digital business or a perfect example of how digital businesses should function. WWGD may be a good exercise to reveal practices that others should avoid, like WWMSD (what would Microsoft do). . . .

And he goes on. I’m not sure what his point is: the tangentially religious joke or dislike for Google (Christ v. antiChrist?).

Here are WWJD rubber bands. I don’t get the point of that, either.

And WWJD visors and door hangers and earrings and doo rag. WWJD fashion spelled out in rhinestones because Jesus likes Liberace.

Here’s a reminder that Jesus doesn’t steal Poptarts.

What would Jobs do?

What would Joan Crawford do?

What would Jesus buy at Amazon?

WWJD on Amazon.

WWJD the game.

What would Jesus smell like?

: MORE: Friend Scott Heiferman sends us to the great Rev. Billy trailer:

Friend Janice Abrahams sends us to Cafe Press and T shirts I have to buy: