Davos08: Tiny cameras

Small video cameras are already the hot thing, gadgetwise, at this year’s Davos. Robert Scoble is broadcasting live from his mobile phone, as Jason Calacanis did at DLD. Loic LeMeur is making videos all over for Seesmic (with a bigger camera). I’m playing with the Reuters/Nokia mojo cameraphone (see the videos below). The YouTube Davos Conversation booth is recording the machers on video with tiny cameras.

And I showed my FlipVideo (the $79, 30-minute, dead-easy video camera) to Kai Diekmann, editor of the biggest paper, by far, in Germany: Bild. He gets thousands of photos from his readers, who send it up to a simple number via their mobile phones. Now he’s practicing networked journalism and assigning and mobilizing them to shoot things. He also told me that next week, they’ll have a top chef from a popular German food show telling readers in the paper to send in videos that he will put on his show. Where’s the line among media there? Diekmann is then doing with videos what he did with phones and so he was wowed by the Flip and wants to order a thousand of htem. That’s what happens whenever I show it to open-minded new people: I tell them they should buy them by the dozen and distribute them to their readers to become producers. Here’s Diekmann:

  • I really hate Kai Diekmann. He pays people to observe their neighbours, to be bystanders in accidents.

    In one case, an idiot filmed how a woman nearly drowned in a river. The guy just thought about selling the metarial to diekmanns “biggest paper” (which normally has stories for simple minded people about german nazi-ufos and evil foreigners, who endanger the german population).

    Sorry, but I don´t think that positively about those tiny cameras.. its just more junk-information everywhere. If you ever read Stanislaw Lem, may you know what I mean).

  • Looks like a nifty little video camera but why carry an extra gadget around, most still cameras do at least as good a job on video (640×480). One gadget, stills and video, less to carry/charge, keep track of.

  • Florian

    Bild? I’d rather call it networked dreck, not journalism.

  • Wake me up when Davos Preening = Journalism.

  • Diekmann is an editor only by name, in reality he’s the biggest scumbag in the industry and what he does is as far from anything called journalism as a monkey from Thomas Pynchon.
    (love the FlipVideo though)

  • We’ve used the FlipVideo camera and it’s predecessor with a less market savvy name for about a year and a half.

    Our reporters have used them to produce several hundred news videos at knoxnews.com, a newspaper Web site.

    There are many instances where a better camera would be the most appropriate tool, but for breaking news or a short video “sound bite,” the form factor, simplicity of use and quality it delivers are hard to beat.

    The newer “ultra” model has noticeable improved sound.

    Here’s an example used with a feature story on a workshop in Galtinburg, Tenn., for ventriloguists of all people.



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