Davos08: Scoble loses it

Robert Scoble showed up at Davos with a tie and I was not alone making fun of him. The fashion here is strictly mogul casual.


But peer pressure worked.


  • Jonas Cord

    Wow, he went from looking okay to sloppy. Way to go, guys. No place better than Davos to show how much of a regular dude you are.

  • I’ve been following his tweets all week about wanting to go to Davos.

    It’s good to be the Scoble.

  • hkdkat

    I see others in the background w/a tie. I think he looks nice!!

  • /pd

    the question is what do u do to fit in ? wear a tie or remove the tie ??

    the tactical equation rather should be ‘what was your first instinct” – wear a tie to fit in ?? its outa of his character to wear a tie- so why did he do it ?? Personality camouflage not large ? – but then won’t that raise the question of …… :)-

  • Pi

    Funny :)

    [I actually read that as beer pressure, and agreed anyway:P ]