Exploding TV

I’m at the Guardian Media Group’s offsite. Not planning to blog it. But I can’t help this: David Muir, CEO of WPP’s The Channel, gives the agency’s ad share projections for the UK. Online is now at 25% (far ahead of the U.S., by the way) and they predict it will surpass TV — and all other media — next year. But he cautioned that 79% of that online advertising goes to search. Google is God.

CORRECTION: I missed a step in the math. Muir says that search takes 79 percent of online advertising and that Google, in turn, takes an estimated 75 percent of that, three-quarters of three-quarters.

  • “79% of that online advertising goes to search. Google is God”

    Don’t you think that will change as video introduces more opportunities for brand development?

    It seems to me that search plays to price and avialibility issues and without brand development those are the choices that customers will make the purchase dicision on. Advertisers would like to intervene earlier in the decision process – both because it helps overall revenue for them and allow the decision to have a greater emotional base.

    My expectation is that online video will capture a greater preportion of the overall online ad revenue stream than search.

  • Eric

    People have to get to that video somehow, and Google will be able to target ads whether or not the searcher actually watches the video.

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  • Hi Jeff

    Sorry not to be clear. We think 2/3 search (circa 65%), of which about 70-75% goes to Google.

    Hope that helps