Why I hate Yahoo, chapter 36

I have complained about Yahoo mail many times. About three years ago, I made the mistake of taking a Yahoo premium account — just to keep Yahoo from killing my account, which is its way of strongarming customers into paying. I canceled the account at least two years ago but just found it on my credit card bill. I spent 20 minutes on the phone with the Philippines trying to cancel the account and get a refund. They refuse to refund. The best part is that I asked for the guy’s name — Joe — and said I was going to blog about this, which I think is only fair. He told me to stop “recording” the call or he would terminate it. They can record. We can’t. Shades of AOL. Their attitude is every bit as bad as Comcast or AOL. Compare and contrast with Google. Yahoo is the last old-style company. It treats its customers like prisoners. They think they can make money telling us what we cannot do. Google has killed them for good reason. I never go to Yahoo. In a word: Yahoo sucks.

  • In a word: Yahoo sucks.

    No argument from me on this comment Jeff.

    Now if only there were another provider for high speed internet besides Comcast in my area.

    Cliff Etzel

  • yahoo does indeed suck.

  • In April of 2004 Yahoo gave the Chinese government information it was not legally obliged to give about one of its users, Shi Tao, which resulted in a ten year sentence in a Chinese prison for this journalist. At that point, any doubt about the concern of this company for its customers should have evaporated completely in every mind. These people, in order to secure a better access to a market _without which_ they remain billionaires, will send a man to be tortured. What the hell else needs to happen? Good G-d, if Yahoo doesn’t care about Shi Tao’s life or their own souls, why in the world would they care about your refund?

  • “In a word: Yahoo sucks.”
    Umm I counted two words but I digress. Agreed. They went from being the place to start your internet journey to a place holding no significance.

  • Two years ago I mistakenly registered several domain names with them. Each year I try to cancel the re-registration as they’re no longer needed, but I’m never able to find out how to cancel. They tell me they’re about to charge me, but not how to stop it. Nasty tactics.

  • jim

    what a whiner. tell your credit card not to accept the charges and dispute any that you have already been charged. also, how did they “strongarm” you into paying for yahoo mail. I’ve had a free account for years and use it as my primary email.


  • al

    Just cry to your credit card company, tell them you knew nothing about these charges, they will get a refund for you.

  • I had this problem with Yahoo four years ago. I registered for a trial membership on the college football radio program. I didn’t like it, so I canceled within the noted trial period.

    Everything was fine until I saw a charge. I called and complained. The rep said that, unless I had an e-mail verifying the cancellation, he couldn’t help. Interesting, considering I never received one. But he agreed to cancel my account.

    Next month, another charge. Only I’d canceled the account again on the website and received an e-mail this time. I faxed it to them as proof. They conceded that I’d canceled it and promised to return the $4.95.

    Next month, no refund and another charge. I went through the same process again. They conceded and agreed to return my $9.90. (They wouldn’t agree to return the very first $4.95 they stole, which was enough to sour me on the company.) They refunded the final month’s charge immediately. Four years later, I’m still waiting for the second $4.95.

    I haven’t used Yahoo since.

  • The amusing thing is that calls they field over items like this often cost them more than the service they charged you for. Think about it–I’m sure it cost Yahoo more than $4,95 for you to talk to 2 different customer service reps.

    For the record, I still use Yahoo email. It makes a great spam dumping ground. Any time I must give my email address out for something, I use my Yahoo address so that it doesn’t clutter up an Inbox I actually use.


  • It certainly cost them more than $4.95, which quickly became my intention. I called them so many times, asked to speak to supervisors at the end of the conversation, used long pauses, and so on. I knew I would get nowhere, but I paid for the hassle in advance, I might as well enjoy it.

  • Well, sure…Yahoo sucks. So does AOL. The thing is, NEVER PAY a company like this…do everything you can on their portal for FREE, exploit the HECK out of ’em, and take their surveys to advise them on how to stop screwing up so badly.

    Once you learn their limitations, and know how to work within their framework to accomplish what you want, they’re not so bad. Kind of like an old ‘Pocket Fisherman®’… If you need to cast out into deeper water, it’s as far away as a few keystrokes…

  • Eric


    I tried that during a dispute I had years ago, and found you *can’t* get your credit card company to preemtively refuse charges from a business. You can get the charges removed later, but if they charge you the next month you have to do it all over.

  • jack


  • Jumbo

    You’re a cry baby Jeff. Stop whining.

  • Yahoo must have the worst customer service ever
    It is impossible to find an email address for “the webmaster” or for “technical_problems”,
    to indicate the problem I suddenly have now they revamped the mail site and are using Norton AV (another bad custumer unfriendly company, see wikipedia!)
    For what its worth I leave the email I would like to send to Yahoo here

    Please have a look why any kind of zip file is not passing thru the Norton AV engine

    1) I cannot send my zip files, because Norton AV says they are infected but I can send the
    contained files separately; I am using a Linux machine to zip the files so it is highly unlikely
    they are really infected

    ic_rel.18.06.2008.001.zip (241KB) Virus threat detected. The virus could not be cleaned. Please run the virus scan on your machine. If I unzip this file I can send the separte files without complaints about infection

    2) I cannot download a zip file sent to:
    After Norton AV scanning I get:
    “The file is not available for download. Please try later”
    And despite multiple attempts I stillhave not got the file

    Very disppointed with this, I presume this is a Norton AV problem


  • dan

    Yahoo ruined my life!!

    I have had a Yahoo account for years and years. One day I couldn’t access it, to my surprise, all my passwords were hacked from my PC at work. All my personal information, photos of my family, work related stuff stored on Yahoo is now lost forever. They wont allow access at all. How am I to remember a bloody answer to a security question I filled in 10 years ago. Well, At least I remembered my birthday. I feel like Yahoo has invaded my home, stole all my possessions and cut my heart out.

    I am so upset that I want to ruin these bastards. They wont escalate this issue past Customer support. To think I have supported them all these years with information on my habits, and this is how they repay me.

    If there is ever an opportunity to fuck them over, I am here to help. Just give me the word. themeibo@gmail.com

  • dan

    Yahoo Telephone number in Sunnyvale US. Don’t email them…they never answer.

    701 1st Ave.
    Sunnyvale, CA 94089 United States

    Phone: 408-349-3300
    Fax: 408-349-3301

    Tell em Dan from Australia sent ya!!

    other exec info

    Chairman Roy J. Bostock
    Age 67

    CEO, Chief Yahoo, and Director Jerry Yang
    Age 38

    Director Ronald W. (Ron) Burkle
    Age 55

    Director Eric Hippeau
    Age 56

    Director Vyomesh (V.J.) Joshi

    Director Arthur H. (Art) Kern
    Age 60

    Director Robert A. (Bobby) Kotick
    Age 44

    Director Mary Agnes (Maggie) Wilderotter
    Age 53

    Director Gary L. Wilson
    Age 68

  • dan

    lets screw Yahoo…the arrogant bastards!!!

  • I just don’t get how they get off asking for a credit card & your 3 digit security code to grant access to your child having an account. They call it an “age verification” process. How is THEM having MY cc info going to prove that my child has adult permission to have an account? How many kids are we forcing to sneak their parents info only to have it used in ways it should not be. They say they will not charge you….but then again they also have drilled us for years that they will NEVER ask for any personal info like that. What’s up here!?

  • SpaceRat

    On those occasions that I am being unfairly charged on my credit card: as soon as I realize that an unfair charge is being levied (such as AOL did to me), I immediately call my credit card company and report the card stolen.

    Of course, you will be without that credit card for a couple of weeks while you wait for the new one to be issued, but at least you’ll know they can’t make any more charges against it.

    • vadim

      for such cases, you can get Paypal plugin, it allows creating temporary credit card that you can deactivate any moment. Vvery useful when dealing with types of AOL, Video Professor, all these “CD clubs”, and other thieves.

      The law is harsh for a kid who shoplifts a candy, but these corporations steal from thousands of people for decades without slightest risk.

  • stan

    Well I just wanted to add that yahoo mail really sucks.
    How can some people still use it, that’s very strange.
    They ask money for the features that every webmail has for free.
    They look horrible, and they have 2 versions at the same time – when you use advanced, you still have to go to normal version to change your options – that’s ridiculous.
    They suck

  • i hate yahoo they won’t let me access my account so now i say to yahoo FUCK YOU

  • Sarah F.


  • Kevin

    I’m trying to get Yahoo to give me access to my account. My account is 5 years old and unfortunately for me I cannot answer enough of their security questions — I’ve went through about 20 zip codes that I’ve lived in or near in the past five years.

    I’m not sure if someone got into my account, but the password is changed, the zip codes aren’t any I know — I’m not sure what to do now!

  • Simon

    I made a big mistake signing up for Flickr. I should have backed out when I saw that Yahoo was the owner.
    But I needed to safeguard my private photos and 24 dollars for unlimited uploading seemed like a fair deal.
    I uloaded a couple af hundred pictures. It took ages, even with my high speed broadband connection (I think they have made it slow by purpose).
    Then for some reason af few days later I couldn´t login with my YahooID. I wrote it down immediately after I signed up, so what happened?
    I tried to get a new password which is fairly simple in Google, Facebook and whatever.
    When I signed up Yahoo asked and got a secondary email adress, and could just send the new password to this adress.
    But they wont give me anything since I cant remember the birthdate I signed up (I dont give internes companies that sort of private information).
    STATUS: I have paid for an account – uploaded hundreds of private photos I cant acces or delete. And Yahoo wont help because I dont remember the birtdate I signed up with: Pure crap company.

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  • Mustafa

    How is it possible for a company like Yahoo to able to even exist? They deserve to be bankrupted and just vanish…I absolutely HATE yahoo! and I hate ATT for getting mixed up with a company like yahoo…boooooo..what were they thinking? don’t these companies have board of trusties…what are they doing…what a bunch of idiots….

    • vadim

      > They deserve to be bankrupted and just vanish…

      Sadly, the fact that this does not happen speaks not in our favor. They have been in business for decades, do exist, and even prosper (their stock grows). AOL also still exists, Experian still lures people with “free credit report”, Video Professor still offers his wisdom “for free” and able to pay for his airtime, etc. etc. All this means that most of us are, sadly, morons.

  • yahoo is the worst service i have ever seen in my life.i forgot my security answerabout 6 months ago i ve tried all the possible answes and thy r not working and they claim wihout a security answer you account can not be reacted.what kind of idiot n earthdoes this .i asked the fools if i can come to the ofices with my id /passport and provide all information tht is in my mail and that last emails i sent out and the fools said that it still wont help how cme banks that need more securty than anything can reset your password if you take proff of identity yahoo is very stupid and they are idiots worst service ever i wish there is a way i can send this message to every emailin the world

  • Well Att has done it again, first Baby Bells, now yahoo. yahoo webpage looks like a $3.00 game u pick up from walmart that is made in China. Play 1 game and it comes apart that is yahoo.By the time a child is 1 yr old it has a mouse in its hand. By the time n 3rd grade, they get info b-4 teacher stops speaking They could really-really do a better job then att-yahoo. yahoo SUCKS!!! I HATE yahoo!!

  • Yes I hate yahoo mail with a passion they keep adding stuff like chat and your contacts and it just gets slower and slower. And don’t get me started on those annoying animated banners that you have to wait to load with every page you open. I want a basic email service that works fast not some web 2.0 site with all the bells and whistles that take for ever to load. Wake up Yahoo don’t you realise you are slowly dying.

  • Alexandra


  • Yatish SK

    I hate yahoo from the core, my first email account was with hotmail & a few years later when i signed in for the gmail account, i got a free gmail email delivered to my hotmail, thence i’ve been with gmail. Its so smart and cool email client. No friggin flash ads or shitloads like that you have on yahoo. I had an account with yahoo for my messenger, but strangely nearly after using it for 6 years they deleted it saying some “violation in TOS” WTF??? what did i violate. i wrote back to them but never got a reply.
    I just cant stand the idiotic yahoo mail client, its so fucking disgusting. all sane people around the world should quit yahoo mail, that way yahoo will know its worth.
    Same goes for yahoo search. Both yahoo and microsoft’s Bing are the shittiest search engines.
    Let them ROT in hell

  • lila

    i h8 fuckin yahoo they deleted my account saying i violated the terms of service but i didnt do anythin i had it 4 under a year!!!

  • Julie

    I am going to switch my email over to gmail today. I’m trough with Yahoo. I noticed charges for a local listings and web hosting account I thought I closed almost 2 years ago – they were able to charge on my EXPIRED credit card (thanks Wamu/Chase for looking out for the CUSTOMER!!)…. it took 5 phonecalls over 2-1/2 hours on hold to get my accounts canceled and they would not refund me any money. They do suck….

    OH! and Bing kept interrupting my craigslist posting – as I was attaching photos Bing would suddenly appear, effectively deleting my work so I’d have to start over and over…. I am going to block Bing from my desktop.

  • carol

    Each time I sign in, my password does not work and I have to create a new password everyday!!!!!!

  • AnotherVendorScrewedbyGoogle

    Have you ever had Google screw you over due to variances in your AdSense account? They dropped my account with NO explanation, won’t return emails, and i couldn’t get through on the phone. What, don’t they have Android? I also had an AdWords account for a while, but I ended up paying Google nearly 5 times the value of what I made BEFORE expenses. Google’s model for internet advertisement comments only benefits ONE company reliably and consistently: Google itself. And I’m surprised that people / customers put up with this sort of treatment. And they want me to use their products. Arrogant Google at it again. I wish I could go to the Googleplex right now and talk to somebody about my situation?

  • Alexandar

    Hi ewr. Does somewone know how to download a file from yahoo mail, when it’s virus detected?
    I know it’s not a virus, i Put the file on mail FFS!!!
    I downloaded the same file about a 3-4 month ago, some guy posted a link to download that kinde of files that yahoo sucky antivirus detect as a virus, but i Forghot.
    Can some help Me please?????
    Sorry for bad Eng :(

  • RRR

    The new yahoo webpage. Such a wonderful thing. Now it has MANDANTORILY changed to make me answer a question about ADDING a new webite…BEFORE I can even use Yahoo.

    Who are the idiots who are designing this new “improved” website.

    And, my questions to them resulted in this reply:
    Quote “Hello RRR,

    Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Front Page.

    I understand that you would like to disable the “Add your favorite
    sites” preview that comes up on the new Yahoo! Homepage. I apologize for
    the disappointment this may cause.

    At this time, the feature you are describing is not available. This
    notification is intended to come up a few times only. However, if the
    cookies are cleared, it will show up again.

    Rest assured that I have passed along your input to the Product Team. It
    is possible that this feature may be included in one of our future
    releases. There is always something on the drawing board and several of
    our best features have come directly from users like you. We appreciate
    your reporting this to us–it is through user comments and feedback that
    we are able to continue to make improvements to the Yahoo! Homepage.

    If you have any questions regarding this matter, please reply to this
    message and I will gladly assist you.

    Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Front Page.



    Yahoo! Front Page Customer Care
    Front Page Tech Migration T1

  • Max

    Yahoo Mail sucks so much. The bastads should be hanged till death. Fuck them. Why are there ads in Yahoo Mail? Works very slow even with my fast connection. Motherfuckers!

  • bridget

    my yahoo account was just hacked today..i still can’t get in right now and i’ve tried going to certain yahoo help sites…then they ended up saying “your account has been temporarily locked, the lock will be gone in approximately 24 hours”…should i even believe them?

  • Cindy

    I think that Yahoo! sucks. I always have problems creating an avatar. Whenever I try to do something, this Aberston’s thing pops up. I know that you might say,” Well, than you should clean your computor’s virus.” Trust me, it’s not with the virus. Another thing is that Yahoo! brags about everything on their website. I only have one comment:yahoo is the worst, gmail rocks.

  • esfandiar

    I hate yahoo. I lost all of my precious e-mails because I did not check m account for a while!!!! I will not use anything yahoo related in my life anymore.

  • jason barbur

    ya i seriously would just like to encourage people to start dumping their stock, because sadly a hit to someone’s pocket book is the only thing that will grab some corporations attention that we are pissed off – the thing that offends me so bad is the constant frivolous suspensions and violation notices in their “Answers” section … they treat us like children in a sandbox – they should take a lesson from Twitter and Google etc, that censorship is highly counter-productive

  • Cam

    Yahoo! Sucks!!

    I have had he account for 5 years and not one single piece of spam. Then 2 months ago inbox is fillin’ up with spam!! WTF!! I contact Yahoo! The idiots tell me the IP address and tells me to contact the ISP. Jackass! That is your job.

    I wrote Yahoo an email and copied Knujon and gmail support and told Yahoo since you cannot keep spam out of my inbox I am terminating my account and using my gmail account. Yeah, I know I should have done that 5 years ago.

    Yahoo SUCKS!!

  • hitler

    I have had he account for 5 years and not one single piece of spam. Then 2 months ago inbox is fillin’ up with spam!! WTF!! I contact Yahoo! The idiots tell me the IP address and tells me to contact the ISP. Jackass! That is your job.

    I wrote Yahoo an email and copied Knujon and gmail support and told Yahoo since you cannot keep spam out of my inbox I am terminating my account and using my gmail account. Yeah, I know I should have done that 5 years ago.
    the same i am feeling abt yahoo

  • I too really hate it. I keep getting the junk emails from Yahoo and they really dont bother about anything. F**kers.. I hate those jack**as**s to the core..

  • IGC

    remember, there’s not emailing company named Yahoo, but Yahoo!(!), Yeap, I tell ya.


    Anyway, I also unfortunately have an old Yahoo! email account and I just can’t stand it anymore. i’m really into gmail … which is one of the most interesting things Americans has invented, ever.

  • winry

    i had my y!a account deleted for no reason,yahoo sucks big time and i hate it….
    yes yahoo sucks

  • Greg

    Yahoo is a worthless service they treat people like enemies not customers they bully and could care less if you use their services. I deleated 2 of my email accounts with Yahoo today! NEVER AGAIN!!

    I won’t ever use any YAHOO services again! I don’t see how YAHOO could turn a profit the way they treat people. Their Customer Service leaves me non plus!

    If YAHOO get’s your credit card information you will get better understanding of the word SCAM! WARNING BEWARE BUYER YAHOO SUCKS! Yuk, yuk, puke, puke!

  • annie

    I HATE YAHOO!!!! It is the worst user friendly site. I have to print out texts that I can’t see. Is it a 4 is it an 8 or maybe a B? Too much effort!

  • dennis

    I hate Yahoo mail because:
    It is so friggin slow
    I have high speed DSL
    It has so much overhead, with popup advertising, it takes forever to load
    It locks up all the time. At least once or twice a session and has to be reloaded
    Resurch shows; that problem has been going on for years
    I have tried getting a new email but ATT almost forces you to use yahoo!
    ATT should provide other email services
    It sucks that windows 7 doesnt have email anymore!
    Before windows 7 the mail was great and versatile and fast.

  • Rachel Frans

    Yahoo doesn’t give a shit about its customers just their ability to sell ads on their ISP. My father is blind and uses the website for his email but is continually deluged with ads for him to buy cars, movies to see and other irrelevant bullshit. I’ve complained to Yahoo but they never answer any of my requests. It’s a corporate cluster-fuck who belives profit is more important than customer service and customer service is unknown to Yahoo and they couldn’t care less.

  • Maya

    Don’t forget Yahoo gave user info to the Chinese communist government to get in good with them so they could make more money. Many of those users that complained about the communist government were imprisoned and executed. Yahoo is EVIL and will do ANYTHING for money!

  • Judy

    Here’s what I just sent them (and blogged)
    Dear Robot,
    I think you must be a robot as a human would surely have read the trail of emails about this. I will assume that you are a robot that was trained in English. Therefore, I expect that you will be able to follow the content of this email. I apologise in advance if you are easily offended.
    I have typed these things till I am blue in the face, but WTF I apparently have nothing better to do with my time.
    Since 30 September I have had trouble with my Yahoo email address which is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    My husbands email which is yahoo works fine on the same computers and same internet connection. I have sent requests etc to Yahoo every day since then, and I still have the same problem. I get automated stupid responses then a follow up which does not address the issue and when I write again the loop starts anew.
    I have attached a document of what I think are the highlights of this marvellously pointless exercise.
    Just a few suggestions for next time this happens to people. You may choose to implement them or not, I really don’t care because I will never use your crummy ‘service’ again…
    If someone says they can’t log in to their email, why do you send an information request to that email? Dumb
    If someone says they have carried out all the tasks suggested in your mail, and followed everything on the laughably named HELP page, and still their email doesn’t work, why do you continue to tell them that YOU are happy to report you couldn’t replicate the error. WE don’t care that YOU are happy. We are NOT.
    Why do you ask for screenshots and suggest people use an alt tab function when they have advised right from the start they use an ipad and there are NO SUCH KEYS.
    In fact, why even bother sending ridiculous automated template replies to people that say you will be happy to help within 24 hours. I have been waiting more than 10 times that long and have not had one sensible interaction.
    Good manners prevents me from telling you what I really think about this whole thing.
    I can appreciate that perhaps, like Blackberry, there has been an outage that affects many customers. If so, tell us. If not, find somebody with a brain to sort out my individual problem. If you are unable to hire anyone with a brain you should use a different employment agency or pay more money. Remember, if you pay peanuts you get monkeys.
    If you can solve my problem please feel free to email me.
    If you wish to apologise for the appalling lack of customer service or common good manners in your ‘organisation’ (I can’t believe I called it that), please fell free to email me.
    If you want to send me another automatic response or stupid template with unhelpful hints like use the alt tab button, may I suggest you use your time more productively and have a toilet break.

  • I have found that it’s worth the investment to go with a company that has great local service and is customer friendly. One of my favorites is godaddy. There are many others and I don;t want to hype just one, but they have a live english speaking US based phone support and their technical knowledge and patience is incredible. No matter what the issue is, they have been quick to resolve it.

  • 10 yrs ago you could just log on and watch a chat room…pick what country….didnt have to be AU……..sit – watch……make comments and make friends..NOW…..You cant do that..ya have to got thru all this online paperwork…..NO wonder Ppl hate Yahoo!……..Yahoo take note…you have had complaints before…..go back to the yahoo chat we had 10 yrs ago!

  • Go Back to the old Yahoo chat!

  • Does anyone from Yahoo even bloody listen to us??

    • hoss


  • I say we all get together and oust YAHOO……they dont listen!..People Power!!!!

    • haynes

      Amen sister, I’ve wasted my entire evening telling these jerk-off’s how much I hate them. I’m switching to google……bing……anybody but yahoo!!!!!

  • i hate yahoo…

  • Manny Montano

    I also hate fuckin yahoo, because I’ve encountered more than a few times problems with accessing my fuckin account……! FUCK YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I truly hate yahoo and just about had it with thier jump through fuckin hoops to access your own god damn account…. does the secret service even go through shit like this?!?!?!?
    mvm-phx az

    • Haynes

      I totally agree with every thing he said. Yahoo sucks !!!!!


      Amen brother
      Yahoo is the worse site in the world they need to scrap it for the garbage it is
      and get with the program ..It sucks and I ony you it beause of all the retards force me
      to use it at some level ….BUT IT HATE THIS FUCKING YAHOO WITH A PASSION

  • Alex

    YAHOO SUCKS ASS!! It banned me for no reason, and when I asked why they said it was because of breaking the Yahoo Answers rules. I DON’T EVEN HAVE A FREAKING YAHOO ANSWEES!! I PUT ALL THE DAMNED STUFF I SIGN UP FOR ON MY YAHOO!!

    • Yahoo is stupid

      Had the same problem here. Created a account today got reported an hour later.

  • heidi’s mom

    all i had of yahoo was email. i decided to go with google as i hated new yahoo format. i finally found the place to get rid of yahoo and discontinued it. i thought!!! seems it takes up to 90 days for it to go away for good. in the meantime, it fights google as my home page.page. i NEVER set yahoo as my homepage. the past 2 days, google has been arriving as my home page. HURRAY, i thought. not!! now yahoo knocks me off line and when i get back on, guess what is up. yep. yahoo. i am trying to be patient. i cant find anyplace to get it off permanately. hey, yahoo— that is a good reason why people hate you and want you gone!!!!!!

    • haynes

      What’s wrong with you people???? Don’t you get it??? You are going to loose a lot of customers and creditability on the internet. All of you should be fired!!!!

  • Rudewaitress

    I have never had so many problems…how the hell can rid of yahoo???? I can’t even read my mail…I can’t even uninstall it…it is more like a virus than anything..I just fricking hate it…if I had not just bought this computer I would go buy a new one…might anyway!!!!

  • bess

    why do I hate Yahoo? because you can never talk to a human and get any answers or problems solved. The crap ads that come in on the right side ike “pch”that you can’t get rid of, cover up things you need, and the email screen jumps down so you see the other “crap” advertisements on top and there is no one to tell me how to get rid of it.

  • Sherry Holtry

    I wouldn’t pay anyone for an email account. Not when you get NO say in what kind of account you NEED. Yahell has announced that as of June. Classic is being killed. Can’t think of a better word to call an act like this.

    This is a disastor for me.

    I have tried to find an email i could use. To fit my needs. I have had little luck. The basic gmail was crap. I have 1 hotmail account that only worked for a few emails. But now they are gone. Outlook took them over and turned what already was a sub-standard email service into something that looks only slightly better then the email service that ACR jr. college use 14+ yrs. ago.

    The first time I have seen any site on the web delivery down grade their pages and service.

    I am not looking at a future of next to no email. This whole thing just sucks. Just like ‘yayell’.

    There must be ONE decant email service out there. I only what ONE!..

  • B

    I hate Yahoo because you have to continually sign in whenever you post a comment or navigate anywhere. I hate Yahoo because it controls you, you can’t control it! I want to disconnect Yahoo from Facebook but even with directions cannot figure out how! I HATE YAHOO!

  • Garry Owen Ault

    Ye Gods! I though I was the only one that hated Yahoo. Behold the Promised Land!

  • guest

    I hate yahoo too. They seem to think that they KNOW what’s best for their customers. Their help facility is a pile of crap. They continually make changes to their interface to mail and don’t care what their customers think or want or need.

    Google is not ANY better.

    To HELL with yahoo.

    • bob

      how dare u?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!

  • Haynes

    You bastards, I’m done with you. I’ll be switching tomorrow to another transmission for my emails.

  • Snetterton

    Agreed. Yahoo is the shittiest email service out there. I want to leave, but I can’t swallow my bile at the concept of paying them for access to their transfer functions.

  • Dusk Lipton

    Unbelievable. Yahoo SUCKS so bad now, it’s unbelievable. This morning mail that usually is in my inbox was in my spam file. Unlike other times when one can click on “not spam” and have Yahoo put it back in your inbox, this didn’t work today. So, I forwarded to my inbox. Could I open the needed attachments on the ten or so emails? Nope–not in my inbox, not in spam and not in my gmail account that I forwarded them to. I too USED to pay them $20 per year to be nice. No more as of this month. Luckily, I hope, my credit card they have on file expired . . . . . so maybe I can avoid their future fraudulent charges. Is there any way to contact Yahoo? I haven’t looked too hard, but seems to me they’ve cut us all off from getting in touch with their highnesses.

  • Judy

    I don’t even know what I did to get this ridiculous Yahoo Home Page. I did not ask for it and I feel so violated by Yahoo. Get out of my life. Not the first time either. I have to re-load my whole computer to get rid of Yahoo. Aren’t there any laws??? . . . or ways to get rid of them???

  • hoss

    I hate Yahoo cause they keep deleting my email account without any notification what so ever!

  • speedy dan

    We have Dish satellite internet. They were with Wildblue, but now bought some equipment from Hughsnet which gives us “more speed” but they cut us back to 10 gigs
    use over rolling 30 days from 17 gigs. Since they switched us we have had nothing but trouble just getting yahoo to open. Two service visits and a $92 cleaning by a local technician ironed out a lot of it. Then Dish says we have to update Explorer to #10 which we did. Their excuse is that technology moves fast and we have to update or the “old” systems wont work. So we updated that and we still get “can’t open this page” message.
    I emailed Yahoo and of course they don’t answer, they don’t have to. So now we are caught between Dish and Yahoo and still have crappy service.

  • jack

    answer my fucking question don’t send me somewhere else to get it answered

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  • mastedon2

    Yahoo has become nothing more than a liberal toilet of Kardashian news, transgendered children,, some dumbass whore who is herself barely graduated writing for “parenting” section of yahoo, and worst of all , a fucking store front window for anything and everything written by that traitorous anti-American liberal shit paper the Huffing-ONE post… Biggest bunch of whiny cocksucking fags I have ever seen.

  • mastedon2

    Anyone ever notice how useless the Preferences are? Say, in your newsfeed there is yet anothing pedophilic story by one of Yahoo’s “contributors”, and you’d rather not see stories like that.. click the “preferences” box and your options to block out are limited to “family and health” or, “scientific discoveries”… LOL…

  • alshightech

    yahoo employees are all assholes and don’;t have a clue how this works. they fuck me up every month and make me very sick. i will post this on my face book for the next year. we should close these idioys now.

  • alshightech

    i believe that yahoo is working for obama and is fucking up our accounts to help him. yahoo may all be queer sucking this obama terrotist

  • alshightech

    I am forced to change to Google or any american entity! yahoo are the sickoos!

  • raen



    Yahoo is a bullshit, no better than a virus. Lil piece of shit stuck on my computer and wont let me but back on google

  • Godfrey

    I loath Yahoo. Die wankers, die!

  • joe bloggs

    1 just keeps on signing in with new passwords 4 2 visits 2 the site fuking crap

  • richard yrot

    yahoo sucks because it acturally cks with you when they don’t like your comments, they go right to your computer and screw it up, they erase you they black ball you as long as your not black

  • Matt Hatter

    Who wants to bet that Yahoo got paid taxpayer money to spy on US Citizens for the NSA?

  • Ala Heza

    Let’s just say, if Yahoo can clean up their explicit image mess within Anime Results,
    I can continue to browse the internet without any worries. On the other hand, I
    would quit the browser and replace it with a better one. (Complaint Would Be Sent)
    I don’t want to see a little girl or a teen girl with any style of hair coming out of the
    shower and any pictures that would reveal flesh through clothes! That’s grossly embedded into the entire internet across the many codes of Wifi and the internet
    routers that are related to the internet! Many of the realistic life girls would feel embarrassed and it would cause a dangerous outcome towards many who view
    these explicit images! They would think that someone’s like a “Peeking Tom” that
    looks at their own flesh, while they are bathing privately within the bathtub!
    I’M SERIOUS!!!
    I want to see those unwanted pictures of unwanted crew members to get off of
    my Star Trek Enterprise and to be shot out of the Enterprise onto a cold planet
    within a space capsule! (Spock! Set Phasers To Stun or Immobilize The Crew Picture!)

  • Bearsbane

    I wish Yahoo would just fucking give up…why are they so fucking useless? They can’t compete..fuck off