God on Huckabee’s side?

Incredible that this has gotten next-to-no coverage but at Falwell’s Liberty University, Mike Huckabee claimed divine providence as the reason for his rise in the polls. More and the video at Prezvid.

: LATER: Lots and lots of comment over at Comment is Free.

  • That is pretty cringe-worthy, even for the deeply religious. On one hand, I think it is not a bad thing that the press hasn’t jumped-out in front of this one. There does tend to be an anti-religious, particularly anti-Catholic bigotry thread in mainstream journalism, which is particularly unbecoming in a nation built upon tolerance for all religions. On the other hand, Huckabee’s remarks also represent bad theology and ought to also be found offensive by the religious. There’s nothing unusual about prayer or the belief that God intervenes. But boldly stating “There’s only one explanation for it and it’s not a human one” as a fact rather than an opinion implies a clear understanding of what an unknowable God thinks and acts.” (Steve Boriss, The Future of News)

  • Perhaps it got no coverage because God told reporters not to bother. ; )

  • Jonas Cord Jr.

    If you’re religious, isn’t just about everything that happens divine providence? I’m an athiest, so what do I know I guess.

  • chico haas

    JC: Only a small percentage of Christians are the kind of fundamentalists who make your decision to be an atheist seem like the only intelligent thing to do. imo, we all just make our own way in this world any way we want – that’s Free Will. Those who want to pray to God for help or guidance do. It makes them feel better. Maybe it makes them think clearer and influence their own situation or outcome. If they want to say Thank God, fine. The short version: believing in God doesn’t make one a de facto stupidass. Doesn’t prevent it, either.

  • his rise really is kind of miraculous though. I’m Christian, and when I heard he was a Baptist minister with a firm line on being pro life and against gay marriage, I thought, wow, he’ll never make it…

    Shows how much I know.

  • Jon

    I like how he said at the end “that’s honestly why it’s happening” having just compared himself to Jesus Christ. Kinda crazy.

    Then, of course, we have Mitt Romney talking about his Mormonism.

    Presidential candidates shouldn’t be talking about religion like that, it’s backward.

    The President should help create jobs, promote the welfare of US people, uphold the Constitution, save the environment and foster international peace.

    If he fails in all that, then he can resort to prayer.

  • Jon

    I’m a Brit, and I’m glad our politicians, for all their faults, don’t talk like that. It’s ridiculous.

    Mike Huckabee is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame. He’s well short of being Presidential material though.

  • terrifying

  • yet i wonder how many votes he will bring to what other candidate after New Hampshire – and how that will help or hurt the Democratic candidate…..no room for parody this campaign cycle more than even the recent past campaigns
    – Kare

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  • David

    Does this mean black jesus is on Obama’s side?

  • paulo

    there is nothing miraculous about Huckabees rise. After he met with the CFR the media suddenly fell in love with him. Watch this movie:


  • Actually, it IS kind of a miracle he’s gotten so far so fast. It’ll be interesting to see how he’ll attribute his inevitable LOSS in the primaries…

  • Eric

    Miraculous… yeah. It *is* kind of miraculous he’s getting the kid-glove treatment from the old networks and the NYT. The Democrats have a memo out advising strategists to avoid attacking him. It’s almost as if the Democrats would like to run against Huckabee in the general election.

  • Jdode

    The fact that Richard Haas (CFR President) is Huckabee’s foreign policy advisor might have something to do with his unsubstantiated surge.

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