Whom do you Digg?

Digg, the social news site, has created pages for all the candidates and already, there’s a rush to follow and befriend them. Tops on the Republican side: Ron Paul by a gigantic margin (they are a tenacious bunch, those Paulites… or are they the Ronnies?), followed by Huckabee, Thompson, Romney, then Giuliani. On the Democratic side: Obama followed by Kucinich (!), Gravel (!), Edwards, Clinton, and Biden.

True to form, Diggers find the stories that are overlooked in mainstream media. They’re also generally befriending the candidates overlooked by MSM.

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  • I’m surprised more social bookmarking sites haven’t picked up on this trend. YouTube’s wildly successful debates and candidates pages are a good indication that people are ready to use the internet’s potential for interactivity to share their political views.

  • J. Caddidy

    overlooked by the “mainstream media?” um, `scuse me but the digg-ites are linking to stories authored by the mainstream media. let’s have some perspective, please. if it weren’t for the big bad ne’er do wells of the mainstream media, the pajama-clad blogger set would have nothing to link to (let alone pontificate about.)

  • J.,
    perhaps I should have said underplayed by mainstream editors. yes, of course, much of the news comes from those sources (and also from niche players and blogs). but the news judgment is different, the attention given. diggers give more attention to other things and that’s an interesting and perhapas valuable perspective.

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