Guardian column: Google and the wires

My Guardian column this week recounts the discussion here of the wire services’ deal with Google (nonregistration version here)

  • Wire services are CERTAINLY benefiting much more from Goog’s links, then vice versa. And, you’re right, I said this when Scoble predicted that Mahalo et al. would “beat” Google by having better and more trusted searches: Google is no longer a “search-engine”, it’s a CMS.

  • The heart of this is not big/traditional media fear of our voices in response to theirs on an article by article level. It is what lies beyond the them/us (writers/readers) divide that scares the bejeesus out of them, which is that we are the free press. The scope of blogging adoption, and the fact that many bloggers couldn’t be characterized as press both obscures and empowers this. I am seeing one overriding goal in every agenda, which is to remain in control of the ‘title’ …and therefore the authority …and therefore the information.

    CNN and Reuters is a lovely example, btw. Why would the US press support competition against AP, the nonprofit cooperative (monopolistic organ) which we can’t link to without paying license fees?

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