Clickbank is spam slime

I’ve been getting slimed with lots of spam from sites at They do provide a page for making complaints, which clearly means that they know they are being used for spam. The response to my complaint was unsatisfying; they wanted to read the spam comments (which, clearly, I kill as soon as they pop up like the bits of barf that they are). I hate spammers. I hate Clickbank. I urge you all to search your comments for “clickbank”, copy them and send them to Clickbank, and then kill them. Anyone who enables spammers is a spammer.

  • So you’re suggesting that affiliate marketing is not a legitmate business model? And by extension, amazon are spammers since they have an affiliate program?

    C’mon Jeff, you know more about the internet than this.


  • No, Adrian, I am OK with affiliate marketing. I am not OK with these slime coming into this blog and creating spam comments only to give them links to their slime sites. That’s spam.

  • Adrian,

    I think that Clickbank has been really grat for a lot of reasons. The primary reason is that it has opened the doors to many website owners who have never taken advantage of making money online through affiliate programs. I guess you could say this for other affiliate network sites as well. As far as spam is concerned, I’ve never experienced a problem with clickbank.


  • As with anything in life there is good and bad, Clickbank is an easy way for normal people to make some extra cash, unfortunately yes there are some scammers and spammers. But don’t tar us all with the same brush.

  • i tried Clickbank for a couply of months but my website does not have enough US and UK traffic so i did not earn that much.

  • There are lots of Affiliate programs out there like Amazon, Clickbank, etc. Just sign up with them and see what works for you.~,”

  • Thank you for the incredible post. I’ll most definitely subscribe and I will be reading more! Regards

  • KrinklesTheKlown

    I’ve tried erpeatedly to file complaints about Clickbank spamming affiliates to no avail. The web form doesn’t work when you provide the e-mail content. You get charming little joke messages from their mail server if you try to send a complaint to [email protected] (their registered account with

    In short, you can complain but not provide evidence supporting the complaint.

    Clickbank doesn’t give a hoot that their affiliates spam; they take the official stance that they do. But why no ability to report it so they can shut down affiliate accounts?

    For those of you who do affiliate marketing through Clickbank, know that I’m one person out there who won’t purchase from you. If you sell digital goods through Clickbank, know that I also won’t buy from you. Your reputation is being sullied by this company, who’s only interested in making a buck — off your blood, sweat, and tears. They don’t give two hoots that your reputation is being damaged by spamming idiots.

    And to counter a comment made waaaay earlier, yes. Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model. Just make sure you know who you’re getting in bed with and is handling your fulfillment. You may find your name is mud in the marketplace before you know it.

  • KrinklesTheKlown

    Update: Turns out Clickbank does care about spamming. I received a very nice note from Clickbank. They apparently hate spam.

    I feel badly that I dissed them earlier. They do, in fact, when notified with sufficient evidence, take action on spamming affiliates.

    [Krinkles sadly gets into his clown car and drives it into a bridge abutment]

  • Unpleasant experience when making an online payment to ClickBank

    On Apr 24, 2012, I tried to make an online purchase of a PC Registry Tweaker software via ClickBank who offered two different methods of payment; Credit Card or PayPal. When I chose the PayPal, a form appeared for 3 seconds, then turned into a credit card payment form. I tried again choosing PayPal butthe same thing happened again. So, every time I chose PayPal, a credit card payment form would pop up.

    I waited 4 days thinking there may be a problem with the ClickBank’s server, then went back to the same site and tried again to purchase a PC Registry Tweaker software. As before the PayPal form would not display, while the credit card form did. Because I needed the software badly, I completed the credit card form for US $44.90 or CAD $ 47.07. The moment I clicked on “Pay Now” the credit card form disappeared but no the payment confirmation was received. An empty payment form showed up on screen immediately after. I completed it again, (thinking I may have done something wrong the first time), and paid by clicking on the “Pay Now” button for the second time. The same thing happened again… i.e., no payment confirmation, no return email with software download code and no payment receipt was ever received. Also, no information from the ClickBank that they may be experiencing an on-going server problem.

    As this was very strange and unusual, I phoned my bank right away and cancelled my credit card. Although I do not know if I fell as a phishing victim by being extracted my credit card information, I cannot appreciate the fact that after four days no one at the ClickBank spotted a problem with making online payments for software products marketed on their site. If there is a fraud going on, I hope to learn about it soon and will provide additional info then.