Mr. Sensitivity

Bill O’Reilly is asking a kid who survived on that bus on the collapsed bridge: “Did you think you were going to die?” Does the man have a callous on his heart and brain?

: Now O’Reilly is implying that we’re driving too many SUVs and that weight, plus some trucks, crushed the bridge. Is Bill going green?

  • kat

    Larry King asked a pregnant woman why she was alive?

  • You’ve got Bill all wrong .. he was genuinely concerned; he’s gone soft.

    I think he’s going to try and get Rosie’s old spot on the view after Whoopie vacates it, that is.

  • Gez

    Jeff, stop watching fox, you’ll give yourself high blood pressure.

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  • Flash, this just in: Fox News commentator shows signs of opportunism. Film at ten.

  • Eric Jaffa

    Maybe he shouldn’t have interviewed the kid at all.

    But if one is going to interview a kid who almost died, then “Did you think you were going to die?” seems like a reasonable question.

  • And, just so we can both feel good about being on the same page?bumps on the face ARE pregnancy related. Stupid hormones do that. I get face bumps on a regular basis, and it stinks! But, what is a pregnant girl to do?