Sir, step back from the Mac

Some things just should be video. Like Slate. So far, I’m wildly unimpressed with its multimedia effort. How can a minute and a half be so boring: a explanation of Rhode Island’s size:And then there’s Rudy Giuliani’s famous ferret call. This is Slate’s treatment in rather pointless animation:And this is the much funnier version I blogged on PrezVid a few weeks ago:

Maybe Slate would be better off finding the funnier videos other people make.

  • Ben

    Sure, it’s not great, but give the guys a break!

    “Your content is crap. Give up now.”


  • Carson Bennett

    I quit checking Slate about a year ago — they had a great lead on everyone and they seem to have traded it in to become something like a government agency. Weisberg has status, name recognition, but no new ideas; the columns have become predictable with only the nouns changing but not the point of view or the tone of voice; there’s the same clergy-laity sense of position in the way they “inform” their readers whilst being clever or learned or sneering (Hitchens) or whatever their personal shtick is. It has become (nearly) MSM in pixels.

  • Actually I think Slate’s strength is “not-video”, i.e. smart writing.

  • Is this now the wrong video? It’s not a minute and a half and it’s not about Rhode Island.

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