Google’s assault on local continues

Google Maps just added the ability for consumers to add reviews to businesses, on top of the many review sources (such as Yelp) that Google had already licensed. If Google becomes the repository for reviews — because it’s Google — that’s significant competition to local efforts, like the Washington Post’s Local Explorer. I think we’re going to see a lot more use of maps as another entry into information locally. (via Steve Rubel)

  • Zec

    There will be community when they add mobile phone dimension…It will be dynamic map viewer Really cool.

  • Greg0658

    Whats up with the Google Earth satellite view pixelated beyond use in some quadrants and not in others?

  • I disagree with Zec. I think this will become community LONG BEFORE it hits mobiles. People do plenty of referencing of such things from their desktop units. The nicest thing about this is that these businesses are going to have the same ability to read the reviews that all of us have: if a place sucks, it’s going to be published somewhere, and there will be a frantic rush to fix the problem.

    I LIKE this. A LOT.

  • Zec

    This wil be world according to YOU ( Google user ).
    Combination of virtual , computer generated data, and your preferences.

    Maybe in the phone near YOU ;)

  • Zec

    Oh, and the Google will make those calls you find searching near by probably for free…