Don Hillary

Here’s Hillary’s video announcing the winner of her song contest, co-starring Bill, in the style of, well, go watch first:

More at PrezVid.


  • Brilliant?


    We are easily pleased when the statues come off their pedestals and act like humans for a moment.

  • Brilliant more as a strategy than as a performance, to be clear.

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  • T

    I’m more impressed that they reacted to a pop-culture event so quickly than I am about the actual substance of the ad.

  • It may not be brilliant, but it’s certainly self-revealing. It portrays Hillary as a woman who denies her husband what he wants, needs, and craves (onion rings, of course), and insists he put up with what she orders (carrot sticks, and slimy, limp carrot sticks at that). And she does it with a tone of superiority and the transparent excuse that she’s looking out for him. She knows best, of course. To me, it makes her look as unappealing as the carrot sticks.

  • Those were crispy crunchy carrot sticks and were a positive influence. Using her political ad to promote healthy diet, nice touch. Only neanderthals would be put off. Which of course, will include all 27% who still approve of the GoPerverts.