No happy endings

A blunt assessment of the newspaper industry at Poynter: “Business has been terrible for a year now, it’s bad today and it will stay bad for quite a bit longer.” The trends aren’t going to look good. What’s needed are radical break-out strategies. What should local be online? I have my ideas, some of which I’ve blathered about here. What are yours? I think the question starts, again, not with what a newspaper can or should be but with what local means online.

  • Newspapers need to be getting right now for the impending collapse of metropolitan area media. In just a few years, they will be competing on the Internet against local TV affiliates, who themselves will collapse because their networks will be routing programming around them and their broadcast towers will become vestigial organs in a wired world. When metro area media falls there will be gushes of money for hyperlocal media — a good expertise for papers to be developing now even though the dollars are not there today. (Steve Boriss,