It’s not your grandfather’s CBS

CBS correspondent Daniel Sieberg reports from the Webbys — but for online and using a cell-phone camera. It doesn’t look like TV news (he cuts off his own chin, the lighting’s iffy, the camera unsteady) and it’s longer than this story would ever get on the air and that’s what good about it. Wish I could embed it, but that’s not possible (yet). Note also the irony that at the Webbys — the Webbys, damnit — his camera wasn’t allowed inside. Everybody in the group formerly known as the audience should be videoing and vlogging, ferchrissake.

Speaking of CBS, they’re serious about their audience-as-the-network distribution strategy, having just appointed two execs to the effort, PaidContent reports.

And speaking of embedding and distributing video, note that NBC is following suit, allowing snippets to be embedded in blogs (the Reuters report is rather comically clueless about these new fangled widget thangs).

(Not-yet-full disclosure: Since I’m praising CBS, I should say that I’ve done a tiny bit of business with them, which I’ll tell you about next week. Just mentioning it now so you won’t come back then and say, aha! then.)