IdolCritic finale

Bittersweet: One more episode of IdolCritic, but the last . . . for now. More to come on different fronts. In the meantime, savor Liza:

  • With the hopes that Liza Persky will return for NEXT season’s Idol romp – and I can’t help but say that she would make a far more satisfying judge on the real show, than Simon has. Good job, Liza!

  • Jen

    That was a lot of fun…I hope to see more of this team soon!

  • jerry

    Jeff I loved this show…don’t want it to end. Thursday mornings won’t be the same without the Idol Critic

  • Not So Fast Cowboy

    Very Amusing

    This was actually the first time I had ever viewed IdolCritic as I view the underlying television show with a mixture of boredom and dislike.