A pro’s advice for the candidates

I asked Fred Graver — who makes real TV at VH1’s Best Week Ever and Acceptable.TV — what advice he has for the candidates and their online video and got a smarter answer to that question than I’ve gotten yet. And funnier. Because Fred knows funny. Enjoy:

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  • Interesting thoughts on vlogging from Fred Graver:

    – Hold the camera yourself
    – Have Danny Glover hold the camera
    – Recognize that you’re being filmed


  • Will it ACTUALLY HAPPEN, though?

    NUH uh. I don’t think so.

    For some reason, political candidacy appears to confer some kind of ‘stuffed shirt’ status onto anyone who tosses their hat into the ring. Suddenly they become ‘dignitaries,’ and dignity, as we know, is the antithesis of spontaneity.

    Fred’s advice is totally great, totally on-target, and largely impossible.

    Lots of luck.

  • Tim

    Darn it, Graver was there at PDF? I missed him! This is great, Jeff.

  • Jim Wilson

    Good stuff. I had an uneasy feeling watching Hillary’s YouTube thing, but couldn’t put my finger on why. Now I know.

    Hey, the candidates are going to try to manipulate us, no matter what. It’s good to know what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, and what works and doesn’t. Gives us a little power.

    OK, only a little power.

  • This is right on. I’m the EP of g4’s Attack of the Show and we think about this idea a lot (the idea of internet video vs. TV produced video) and are still toying with the best way to present it on TV. Do you cut it down? How do you determine it’s essence? If you cut it and chop it it loses something.