Nerds promote nerd show

CBS continues its enlightened relationship with distributed media, putting up a bloggers’ kit with links and embeds for some of their new fall series. Here’s the upfront pitch for the Big Bang Theory, a sitcom about geeks and sex — or geeks who wish they could have sex with their gorgeous neighbor:

Smart. The only thing that would be smarter would be to go ahead and put the preview up on YouTube so it can be discovered there. Two fans already did it — one of them pleading, “no copyright infringement intended” — here and here. This is a show about geeks so you know geeks will promote it with geeky tools.

NBC lets you watch and link to the previews. Embedding would be wiser. Here are ABC previews; each show has a page so it’s linkable but not embeddable. I’d show you Fox’s perviews, but the link off their home page is broken; it goes to Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader? Guess not.)

  • COOL!!!

  • On the one hand, it could be the new Frasier. On the other, “Two and a Half Men”?!

  • It’s nice to see a plan to market shows that doesn’t include lawsuits.

  • Cute show. I’d probably enjoy it. It seems so TV, though! I know plenty of “nerds”, and they’re not at all like the guys in the trailer. Some of them are quite successful with women, too. Stuff in the trailer that should make me laugh instead just points out how out of touch the creators are. Maybe that’s why I don’t have a TV.

  • Nerds are more like the one in “The IT Crowd”, a TV comedy about computer staff. Neither series has anything to do with real life.

  • jen

    that looks pretty funny. not much to do with real life, I agree, although I have known some individuals similar to the characters, they are rarely as entertaining, especially in groups. At least not in the same way. =) The sniping is eerily on though.

  • JPSobel

    The main characters are Sheldon and Leonard, eh? I wonder if that is a subtle tribute to the late Hollywood icon

  • The only thing that would be smarter would be to go ahead and put the preview up on YouTube so it can be discovered there.

    In this case, NBC is probably avoiding YouTube for issues of control. But what about those who want to avoid YouTube for quality reasons. YouTube videos currently do look awful by and large, and I would say this direct from NBC source is better. Sure, quality control is still control, but it seems more appropriate a reason. I’ve never seen anyone take a swipe at ZeFrank for asking his videos not be put up on YouTube. As for this show… no comment. Cheers.

  • Another great example of why the networks continue to lose marketshare…they keep doing their best to think we’re all idiots.

    Honestly, am I the only one who thinks they DESERVE to die?

  • Lee

    Smart promotion – maybe. Sexist, mysoginistic show – for sure.