Abandon whining all ye who enter here

I didn’t attend any of the Streaming Media conference, except the panel I moderated with talented people who are remaking TV online: J. Crowley of Black20 (disclosure: I’m an investor), Mary C. Matthews of IdolCritic (disclosure: she’s making this for my video company) and 39Second Single, Adam Elend of WallStrip, and Robert Scoble of Scoble. I ran into Steve Safran of Lost Remote and asked him how the conference was and he shrugged a bit and then explained that he likes the fact that at this conference — as he later said on his blog:

there is no arguing. There is good debate, to be sure. But there is no “us vs. them,” no “blogs are death,” no “that’s not real media,” no “that’s not our core competency” arguments. The open-mindedness of companies here is terrific. Broadcasters need to learn from the entrepreneurial spirit of these folks. They look at emerging tech and see the possibilities, not the limitations.

That’s what we need at newspaper and TV journalistic conferences: A big banner at the door that says: