News in the raw

Via JustHillary.comm, I find that WMAQ TV in Chicago is putting raw news video up online: 12 minutes of Hillary in Obama’s backyard. That’s great: giving us the raw video to see more if we want. The only thing I wish is that they let us embed and remix it. But I’ll take this as a first step on the right path.

  • Now here is a digital collectible to save and sell! Hillary in the Raw! I can envision that store on News clips like this will be history in the making, and if we are smart we will find a way to capitalize on this digital content. The 9thxchange has – CEO John Bonaccorso understands this and has found a way to buy, sell, and trade digital merchandise just like this and have continued revenue.

  • SteveSgt

    I’m sure access to these kinds of raw actualities will get news junkies and politics geeks all excited.

    But Joe Six-pack probably doesn’t even get around to reading his voter preparation pamphlet before he walks into the polls. He needs well-edited and thoughtfully analyzed news, not to drown in a tsunami of raw, disconnected source material.

    Again, it sounds like Jeff’s battle cry is: “Let them eat CSPAN.”

  • Greg0658

    Joe six-pack probably knows whats best for him and his family…
    the real determination in the voting booth is who agrees with him …
    and will stay with him.

    Time for referendum voting and public servants who implement the decision in the interest of all.