PrezConference: A candidate answers!

We have our first reply to a PrezConference question from a candidate. Joe Biden answers JD Lasica’s question about what he would ask us to sacrifice. Here’s JD’s question on YouTube. With this and his head-to-head video debates on issues, Biden takes the lead in smart moves in the YouTube campaign.

Here is my invitation to ask any candidate any question. Just record your question and upload it to YouTube (or use QuickCapture) and then tag it PrezConference (just as Biden’s campaign tagged his reply). That way, we’ll see which questions get answered and which don’t along with the answers. The tag makes it a conversation.

This is an important moment in the YouTube campaign. In the old days — yesterday — JD would have had to have run into the candidate at a random event somewhere in the country to have even a prayer of asking a question and that interaction would have been lost in the moment. But now, JD can ask iand the candidate can answer in front of all of us and he can answer for all to hear. So please do ask your questions. We deserve answers.

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