Vox pop gagged

ABC squandered an opportunity to get a candidate to respond to video questions from the people. Good Morning America solicited those questions. I submitted one. But they didn’t show one on the air. They should have not only showed one of our questions to Hillary Clinton, they should have put all the videos online so she could answer any and all of them on YouTube.

  • Amen Jeff – great idea!

    Why aren’t people taking advantage of the insane benefits of using sites like YouTube?!

  • Satch

    I can think of three hypotheses here, in no particular order of probability (and I should note that I haven’t been able to view the video, since ABC, as usual, is using some sort of bizarre streaming “solution” that makes Firefox choke):

    1) This is one of those cases where some higher-up more or less *ordered* that GMA and ABCNEWS.com engage in a little “convergence,” even though the GMA producers weren’t particularly interested. So they played along, but once they got on air, “Oh, wouldn’t you know it, we just didn’t have time!”

    2) They received few (or possibly no) video submissions worthy of being aired. Even today, putting together a video submission takes more effort than just banging out a few words on the keyboard. And those willing to take the time to create the file and upload it just might be the same ones most likely to be putting forth some truly one-sided and/or kooky questions. (Along the same lines, they also take far more time to sort through on the newsroom’s end.)

    3) They asked for the submissions without telling the Hillary campaign, and once Hillary got there the campaign staffers quashed the whole idea.

  • “Vox populi, vox Dei…” the latins used to say.
    But, at that time there was no YouTube…

  • Like anything, it’s a two-edged medium (as McCain is rapidly learning.) This was probably deemed safest for all concerned… Most of these candidates do a jim-dandy job getting at least one shoe into their mouths on their own just on broadcast… Add in YouTube and you have a potential Political Can-Can line…

  • Ahhh… giving the illusion of committing “social journalism” by soliciting the vid questions, yet sensing how actually using them would be relinquishing all that famous “control” of theirs you talked about at VON. Which was a freakin’ brilliant speech, BTW. Just brill.

    I’ve never heard so many gosh darn common sense statements jammed into one talk, except perhaps by a good preacher or from Bernie Marcus, for whom I used to work. Bernie was a terrific motivational speaker, and it’s a shame he’s no longer leading the HD, but I diverge…

    If the folks at GMA/ABC pimp too much of “our” video product, then they are simply promoting their competition. And I assume they now view (an engaged and pro-active at least) audience as direct competition, competing for their (more passive) audiences’ attentions, favors and eyeballs.

    So why would they willingly promote you/your agenda/us within their valuable air time? (I’d have loved to have submitted a vid question myself, but I found out about submitting after the fact. My bad, or their marketing bad? Hard to say.)

    That, and likely they just jammed too much other crap into their programming to allow time for a more unstructured kinda now kinda wow Q&A “new media” thingee.

    Remember, they are still operating under their self-imposed “old orthodoxies.” They fill their precious Big TV air time in just the ways they’ve been told to do so by… hell if I know… likely just a few men somewhere there in NYC. Or by focus groups. It’s still a “NO THREE ON A COUCH – EVER” kinda world inside their studio/heads.

    Shame, because if I had known YOUR video was going to be on my Big TV channel, hell any channel, I’d have turned the big dumb thing on! And I might have told a few of my serious blogger friends about it too. Heck, I might have even blogged about it and that might have brought another 3-4 people to the show.

    My interest in hearing a new media guru speak, or ask questions of a Presidential candiadate, are simply “platform agnostic,” if I may borrow a fabulous phrase I discovered from some (BBC?) dude I watched/listened to a few weeks ago… discovered by following links on this very blog.