TV is ours to claim

As I was flying back from San Jose and my spiel at Video on the Net — in which I argued that television is ours to reinvent — I see a most amusing story in the Wall Street Journal that only proves the point. The West Coast TV industry is fighting the East Coasters for handing out Emmys to new-media and broadband shows.

A person familiar with the situation says that the Los Angeles group was concerned that the New York chapter could cheapen the Emmys by handing large numbers of the awards to amateurs who submitted user-generated videos.

Heaven forbid! We wouldn’t want to cheapen TV!

  • Diane

    Yes, heaven forbid! I’m shocked, SHOCKED that someone would give a Hollywood outsider (gasp!) the chance to compete with Wife Swap, Nanny 911, Flavor of Love, and all those other wonderfully fulfilling programs. Methinks the sun hath baked the brains (and I use that term loosely) of the LA-ers.

  • I just suddenly realized how out of touch I truly am, when I realized I have never seen ANY of the shows Diane just named…and judging by the titles, I haven’t missed MUCH…

  • Who cares about emmys? I’ve got two (one regional, one national) plus a nomination. You know, they’re cool but frankly if we’re reinventing TV, why not reinvent the meritocracy? Is the goal of this to hobnob with Hollywood types? I hope not. I was surrounded by rock stars at VON07. MUCH more fun. Why not make our own awards?

    As we reinvent TV, let’s not do it in an echo chamber. The Sunday before the conference began, I went out with my camera to talk to a sampling of TV consumers, NOT conference wonks. They had some interesting insights.

  • Hey Jeff
    Just saw your interview on d7tv. I consult to a TV network here in Australia and found myself agreeing with everything you said.

    Its true that all the pieces now exist for the exploding TV.

    Id be interested to hear what you think about “Clown Co.” the FOX rival to youTube, and if you think it will slow the phenomenen you coined exploding TV.