Exploding Video: The biz

Frank Barnako has nice things to say about my newborn video effort, Exploding Video, and its first two shows, PrezVid and IdolCritic:

I’m an always looking for a simple idea with big possibilities. The Drudge Report is one of them. One or two guys, constantly scanning the Web as uber-editors looking for sexy, funny, provocative, inside, and shocking stories about money, politics, sex, and entertainment.

Now, Jeff Jarvis and Peter Hauck have launched two online video shows: PrezVid.com, which follows the 2008 campaigns by aggregating video clips from YouTube.com, and a fan show, IdolCritic.com.

Liza Persky, a TV talk show producer, is the talent on the weekly videoblog about America’s favorite TV show. She’s no Amanda Congdon, but at least seems to know what she’s talking about, even if it just a TV show. If you’re an “Idol” fan, while Perksy’s remarks may amuse or anger, you probably can’t hear enough about the show.

Which leads me to one of IdolCritic’s really good ideas. The site has links to Idol-related news, information, EBay-items, Amazon-available products, and blogs. This is such a natural think to include, and useful. Further, since EBay and Amazon have affiliate programs, it’s possible that if IdolCritic visitors make some purchases, Persky/Jarvis may make a few bucks.

Jarvis is convinced that old and new media must involve their readers, by nurturing and supporting communities of interest, even if the focus is a TV show. The Idol site invites people to submit their own “Idol videos” (whatever THEY are), and of course comments are welcome – if few and far between: only 20 after a month, some not so positive. There’s also no evidence of uploaded video.

Jarvis and Hauck are on to something. As Jarvis told PaidContent.org, the cost of doing something like this – anything – is zip. “My son is my Webmaster. I’m editing the video myself, as you can tell. It’s so damn cheap to get started,” said Jarvis. He and Hauck are taking their cues from the front pages of newspapers and conversation at water coolers. They’re showing it only takes eyes, ears, and a little money to set hooks for peoples’ attention. The cost is so low you can afford to try a bunch of ideas, and if one hits, you’re successful.

That was kind of my reaction when Howard Lindzon launched Wallstrip.com. You can do more-than-acceptable video programming with equipment available at Best Buy and, in Wallstrip’s case, talent behind and in front of that gear. Anybody can do Web video now, and every day it seems there’s another portal, video sharing site, or wanna-be Internet TV network that wants your content, and some are willing to pay for it.

What a country.

Yes, I think it’s possible to start something new with TV and so I’m doing it to learn it.

  • More power to ya. And keep getting on camera yourself. You give good interview.

  • I agree, you do give good camera.

    On another note: I understand the world loves American Idol, but the videoblog I REALLY want to see is one about Price Is Right.

    Someone give Bob Barker a videoblog to document his retirement from the show!

  • This matter of moving from speculation to action in order to learn is so overlooked by the guys who speculate for a living. This is going to be a huge competitive advantage for you.

  • Well stated, similar in philosophy to how we are trying to cover the world at http://www.thefullmonte.com. All of thefullmonte video stories were pitched to the Television networks but nobody bought. Through desperation, determination, and belief we have managed to cover Cuba, Iraq, and Afghanistan. And with virtually no money. The costs have been in our labor. Keep it up, the times are a changing.

  • OK so i went a little nutty with the href’s in my last comment. Like I said, what you’re doing is great and it’s a big sandbox that HAS to be populated by many talented people. Gotta fill up IPTV’s long tail. Looking forward to meeting you in person in San Jose.

  • Jeff you know my old media roots. I say look for more of us populating this space. People who get it like Grayson Daughters who, like you are creating cool niche content. Keep an eye on this one. She’s no John Monte ;-), but she “gets it”.

  • Wow! John Monte & co. are the freakin’ zeitgeist. We get any more runaway brides around here and those dudes will have my video STAT.

  • “Yes, I think it’s possible to start something new with TV and so I’m doing it to learn it.”

    Thanks. You give me a further mantra to go with “do-it-yourself low-budget media”.

    And now the plug for my own effort – http://www.aliceinparis2007.com.

  • Good luck from all of us at wallstrip

    love to have you on the show when you get thriugh new york