Who needs MSM?

NewTeeVee shares Hitwise’s report that traffic on YouTube surges even after Viacom pulled its precious content: “According to research from the fine folks at Hitwise, YouTube visits are up 14 percent3 since Viacom’s cease-and-desist order, showing that maybe it’s not just people watching Daily Show and Colbert clips after all.” As I said the other day, the big guys better be concerned that taking their marbles and going home only leaves more space on the playground for the rest of us.

  • It will leave room for the rest of us only as long as Net Neutrality exists. It’s the single essential characteristic without which this revolution cannot take place. There is no longer corporate control of the production and distribution channel and the consumers are leaving MSM in droves. As you point out, MSM still doesn’t get it. It’s almost laughable. They threaten to leave and people say, “Hey, here’s your hat, good luck with that.”

    I can’t believe we’ve heard the last from the cable companies, the phone companies (soon to be monopolies again) and the TV networks. They stand to lose billions unless they can regain control of distribution. They’re not going to give in easily. We can only hope the new Congress and newly aware New Media consumers will fight to retain neutrality.