See ya

Well, one way to look at the networks playing hardball and leaving YouTube is that there’s that much attention left for the rest of us who are making small TV.

  • Hardball is what the networks and newspapers should be playing. Google wants to change the rules but there is a little thing standing in their way: the law. Getting the law enforced is just starting in French, Belgian courts and elsewhere.
    As far as bloggers go, so many are simply taking content from real media, we’ll see how that works out in the long run.
    PS: maybe if Google put some of their PHD resources on working with media rather than simply taking their content they could move forward. Looks to me like they are stalling big time now.

  • Jeff, why do you give link love to the WSJ when their material is behind a wall? I’ve stopped giving them links. If they want to be an island unto themselves, then so be it.

  • Stephen, yes, we’re still “redolant remora fish” to most MSM. Hard to convince people otherwise when they’re working in such a firewalled environment, rarely venturing out of that (enviable?) comfort zone.