TV’s new ecosystem

Viacom just signed a deal with Joost to air lots of its shows and movies and the Wall Street Journal tries to draw a contrast between that and the company’s demand that YouTube pull its clips offline. But they’re completely different deals. Joost is the new cable MSO, airing full shows at full size. YouTube is the viral promotional and marketing engine of today — the, pardon me, buzzmachine of TV. Audience recommending clips via YouTube is what will drive viewers to Joost. Note that, apart from possibly supplying bandwidth, cable is cut out of this. See my post below. Good riddance.

  • tim

    And so the explosion continues….

    Jeff, according to the Joost sign-up page, current members (that would be you) have tokens which they can dispense to the unregistered rabble (that would be me) to allow them to jump the line and get in on the beta right now.

    How exactly would you like your grovel, sir?

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    “The biggest hurdle to date for advertising supported Internet broadcasts has been the high cost of bandwidth,” said Jeff Pescatello, co-founder of MeTV Network, Inc. “Until today, if you used a content delivery network like Akamai to deliver your Internet channel, you would pray your audience would not get too big or watch too long. The cost of the bandwidth could crush you. Now, it doesn’t matter how many people watch or how long they watch. Your costs are fixed at zero”, said Pescatello.

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  • Is there any reason why Joost can’t do clips? A clip channel, or whatnot?