Here we go

Mitt Romney has the dubious honor of giving us the first presidential commercial of the ’08 campaign [via HuffingtonPost Eat the Press] [crossposted at PrezVid]:

He says it’s the time for no more “dithering” in Washington. Dithering. Nice verb. We’re all against dithering. The nice thing about having the first ad is that you have no attacks to respond to yet. Just wait.

  • Your blog here came up on a search I just did, as you wrote about Huff Post and the George Clooney mess, back when it happened.

    Since you’re writing now about “dubious honors” and the Huff Post, I thought you might appreciate this commentary I recently wrote and published on my new blog:

    How to Lose Credibility on Your Blog, The Huffington Post Way

  • Cooler Heads

    I like Mitt,

  • I’m sure that D.C. Photoshop jockeys will continue to dither even if Mitt does take office (god forbid).