David Neeleman, CEO of JetBlue, takes to YouTube to apologize and promise better skies ahead. It’s quite unpolished but that’s part of the appeal. The guy has circles around his eyes; he’s stressed; he’s trying, and that’s what comes across. He’s using YouTube to speak directly to his customers and putting himself at their/our mercy.

  • I am sure I’m stating the obvious, but it’s pretty fascinating to consider “official” uses of YouTube as opposed to the gimmicky uses that been pervading the net.

    Is it only effective and powerful because it’s still rare, or does it signify a legitimate means of getting a powerful message out to people… assuming you have a viable enough “brand” to generate enough buzz to put the message in front of enough people?

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  • Cooler Heads

    I think this is a brilliant use of You Tube. more important than TV networks, newspapers, etc. You wanna make money? It’s explaining to other CEOs why what Jet Blue did here is terrific.

  • I thought it was very smart, media savvy, very effective. I’ve coached CEOs and politicians, and very few can convey the personal, guy-across-the-table, I-mean-it sense that Neeleman does. Given that not only his ass but his airline was on the line, it was a brilliant choice. Also important is the fact that no one in his industry could even think about bringing this off. See the second story on my blogsite.

  • Kris Patel

    Indeed a well spun message through a revolutionary medium. Mr. Neeleman shows that his company is as real as any of us are and that progress is in store for the near future. The face behind the company, Neeleman himself, is well the most real aspect of the message. The man looks like he hasn’t slept in a week; as it should be through such a disaster of customer service and airline difficulties. Thanks, Jeff, for that link. This is the first I have seen it.