39 seconds of fame

One of my favorite shows in any medium, big or small — the vlog 39 Second Single — is going to be featured on Weekend Today this Saturday next Saturday, the 17th. It’s a hip Valentine’s thing.

I’m delighted to see this small TV getting attention on big TV. For this is a great example of how talent can emerge in our new world. Mary C. Matthews produces the show; Liza Persky is the star. I feel like I discovered them because I happened upon their show one day on Blip. But that’s the beauty of the internet: We can all discover such talent. The world is our casting couch.

What’s brilliant about 39 Second Single is that it creates a show appropriate for the medium — small, fast, intimate — and manages to hook you in two minutes and make you want to keep coming back each week. I showed it to my class at CUNY and they loved it (Mary came to speak to the class and they loved her, too). The only sad thing is that we need to keep rooting for Liza, the star, to continue her rotten luck at dating because we don’t want the fun to end.

So watch their show. Then watch the show about their show. And first, watch this show about the show about their show:

: LATER: Just as I posted this, I got email from Mary with word that Blip is holding a screening of some of the best series TV on the service this Sunday night. Details here.

: UPDATE: Mary emails that the date on Weekend Today just changed to the 17th. That’s TV.