The livingroom is wherever TV is

Om Malik has some details on the Slingcatcher that will take TV from your PC to your TV. Meanwhile, Apple will be giving more details of its iTV. The difference, says Sling’s boss, is that Apple’s and similar gadgets will have to go through services like iTunes, creating a new gatekeeper not unlike your damned cable system. Sling’s will send whatever you see on your PC to your TV. One way or the other, the line between broadcast/cable TV and internet TV will disappear and quickly. The holy grail of the living room TV isn’t so holy. We’ll watch what we want to watch whenever, wherever, and however we want: on our big-screen TV, on our medium-screen PC, or soon enough on our little-screen phone. All this gives further ammunition to Clay Shirky’s debunking of Mark Cuban’s continuing HDTV idolatry. It’s all just TV.