First, find the uranium

The Bivings Report reports that the LA Times Manhattan project task force came calling for advice. It’ll be fun if we can track their progress via blogs.

  • As someone who blogs about immigration matters, I can’t recall seeing an article in the LAT that was completely truthful or that was not full of bias.

    That ranges from things like saying that the Communist-linked ANSWER’s LA branch is an “antiwar and anti-racism group” (no quotes) to the present day and their coverage of the Tan_Nguyen issue that failed to mention the possibility that the letter was sent as a smear.

    Oh, and their description of ANSWER LA occured at an event where an elderly lady on the other side was hit in the head with a full water bottle thrown from the ANSWER LA side.

    The LAT doesn’t need to learn about trackbacks, they need to call in the bulldozers.

  • Mumblix Grumph

    Is it really that hard to come up with creative new ways to say “REPUBLICANS SUCK!”?