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Edelman PR is throwing water on its own PR fire following the fakey Wal-Mart blog. Richard Edelman outlines a series of steps they’re taking. I’d say it’s really quite simple and can be boiled down to this: Tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Lie, hide, fake, fool, or buy people and you lose. And I’m not being smart-assed. It really is that simple. And the more complicated you make the rules, the more loopholes you end up building in. It’s just like Mom used to say: Tell the truth and everything will be fine.

  • Only a large corporation would enact mandatory attendance of a university class on ethics and establish a 24-hour hotline in response to a “crisis” like this. What Edelman calls “best practices”, most of us know by its other name: common fucking sense.

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  • Edelman is still being less than forthright on the two sites he runs for Walmart: Working Families for Walmart and Paidcritics.

    He now has his “bloggers” acknowledge that they work for Edelman, but is still a bit coy about whose paying for the sites. It’s Walmart, of course, not Edelman.

    If the PR industry was so above board Chris Buckley would not have written “Thanks for Smoking”.

  • Richard Edelman states:
    “We are establishing a 24/7 hotline so our me2revolution team can review, provide counsel and apply best practice guidelines on social media programs before their implementation. This ensures that programs adhere to the WOMMA guidelines or best-in-class standards around the world.”

    I have two questions for Richard Edelman, both of which have been submitted for review as comments on his post.

    -Can we be assured that Edelman is applying the aforementioned best practice guidelines to your programs that do not fall within ‘social media’?

    -Shouldn’t 100% disclosure include revising the Working Families for Wal-Mart ‘About’ page to reflect the most updated info. on the bloggers?
    “Working Families for Wal-Mart is a group of leaders from a variety of backgrounds and communities all across America. Working Families for Wal-Mart are customers, business leaders, activists, civic leaders, educators and many others with first-hand knowledge of Wal-Mart’s positive contributions to communities.”

  • Jeff, agree wholeheartedly. In fact, it’s #2 on right in the WOMMA code: “The Honesty ROI: Honesty of Relationship, Opinion, and Identity”

  • Jeff,

    First off, life and business are not that simple. For anyone over the age of maybe ten, “truth” needs to be qualified. Fact is, there are good lies and bad lies. For the record, lies make the world go around. Without lies and a dozen roses, you’d never have been born. The distinction is that some lies raise the bar while other are only there to pick your pocket. Edelman got caught trying to pick the blogosphere’s pocket.

    The problem now is: How does Edelman cleans this mess up? Telling them to “tell the truth” is more than impractical, it’s silly; and that let’s them off lightly.

    Here, this is what should happen. Edelman needs to:

    – suspend ALL blog related activity until you can ensure that best practices have been fully and publicly vetted;

    – hire an independent investigator and/or audit firm to vet this event(s) in total and publicly;

    – fire those responsible no matter how high up that goes.

    As I told Richard Edelman, excuse me but these things are NOT going to happen. If they were for real, they would. They’re NOT!

    Listen, the key to PR is 3rd party endorsement. In the blogosphere, there is no 3rd party! As such, “influence” and “strategy” will always be surreptitious. Let them off lightly and you are complicit and a party to the next incident. It is only a matter of time.

    Truthfully yours,

    – Amanda Chapel

  • Uh, “Amanda,” whoever the fuck you are, you lie worse than Edelman. You won’t even tell us who you are. You have no standing to bitch here. You are a fake. A liar. No one to be trusted.

  • Jeff,

    I am an honest liar indeed. You need to reread my first graph above. I understand. Actually, literal minds cannot comprehend the distinction and as such throw the baby out with the bathwater every time. Is what it is.

    Anyway, the veracity of my recommendation to Edelman stands on its own. READ IT! Actually, I will make a prediction: if they don’t do exactly that, this thing will fester. And not only is it their cancer, it’s the blogosphere, too.

    Lastly, Jeff, it’s time to stop trying to gain control by insults and trying to muscle me. You lost that battle some time ago.

    – Amanda

    – Amanda