I just called into the Stern show to read Mainelli’s rants from the comments below and to compliment Steve Lanford’s reporting. If you’re here looking for them, see the comments on this post; also here and here. And beware the Opiates.

  • Mike Mea

    Good appearance Jeff. Mainelli’s amen corner over at the New York Radio Message Board just don’t get it. This is not about Howard vs. Opie & Anthony or Imus or anyone else. It’s a matter of a so-called “journalist” who has a conflict of interest and can’t bring himself to admit it. I have stated before that the bigwigs at the New York Post should have taken action sooner. And I love how Dr. Sniffen and his online sycophants, who constantly bash Stern for being “irrelevant”, are now squealing like stuck pigs and claiming that “big, bad” Stern had Mainelli fired. You can’t have it both ways!

  • scott h.

    mr. mainelli got exactly what he deserved and hopefully his consulting practice will dry up as well.

    This is the type of insincerity that makes journalism today such a sham in the eyes of the public. Mr. Mainelli represents everything that is wrong with the press, the governement and society in general today and his greed and lust for fame and power at someone else’s expense were exposed for what they really are – J-e-a-l-o-u-s-y.

    Howard 100’s slogan is so apropos here (“No More Bullshit”), don’t you think?

    Isn’t seeing those who deserve their comeuppance getting their comeuppance such a wonderful thing?

    There is justice from time to time …

  • Poote

    You sir are a good guest.
    Let this be a lesson and a warning for all that would injure our King of all Media.
    No more Bull Shit.

  • Baba Booey

    Jeff, good appearance this morning. As for you, Mr. Rumorelli, time for an ethics lesson.
    F you Artie! Hi Fred.

  • Shane Smith

    Good call. Just heard it on the replay.

  • Brock Landers

    Good appearance this morning, Jeff. It’s amazing how so-called journalists will publish whatever they think they can get away with. I do not know much about Mr. Mainelli and would not deny any contributions he has made to journalism or media in the past, but his agenda with that article was written clear as day.

    As a Stern fan, I do think a lot of the negative reporting (rumors with little to no basis, statistics showing sharp decline in popularity, etc.) about Howard are efforts to undermine what he is doing in radio. And for what reason? I’d guess just to see him fail. I think some have no interest other then to see this whole Sirius venture fall apart. Nevermind money, nevermind popularity…it would make so many people happy simply to see Sirius blow up in Howard’s face.

    Unfortunately, people don’t realize that to Howard, whether it’s one million subscribers, one-hundred subscribers or one subscriber, he will be happy doing what he’s doing on his own terms and without freak censorship control. When he says he doesn’t care how many sign up anymore, how many times he’s called irrelevent, or how no one has interest in him, I believe him. He really doesn’t have any reason to care. He’s convinced what he does will always bring and keep fans. And to report in some media outlet that Howard is irrelevant…is contradictary. People love Howard; people hate Howard. What I don’t think some get is that the opposite of loving the guy is indifference, not hate. If journalists or news agencies or whoever want to make Howard irrelevant, never publish another word about him again. He’ll be happy and apparently so will his competitors.

  • Great appearance Jeff. It made my drive up the PA Turnpike even more enjoyable than listening to Stern already does.

    I was interested though, have you discussed this whole incident with your students? What was their initial reactions? Have they brought up any points that haven’t been bandied about here?

  • Mike Jaeger
  • Robert Perry from Sacramatato

    Hoo Hoo Jarvis, its O&A’s time now. Hoo Hoo is irrelevant and isn’t in the news anymore. You backed the wrong horse Jarvis, but its not too late. Just give the bbbbbbboys two weeks listening and you will catch the virez.

    O&A are honest and care about there fans. They will even drink a beer with us and provide FH Rileys for us to go sing karaoke with the radio stars.

    Hoo Hoo, tell em fred. Ramoooone, tell Jarvis that he can pat battle me on or I go by norfcal there.

  • That’s funny Robert, almost the only time I see O & A mentioned in the news is in relation to an article on Howard. The only time they got into the news on their own with a story about their deal with Free FM, Howard was still mentioned in the coverage. Bet the chaps O & A’s ass…

  • Ron Grey

    I hope Stern and his show never come back to free radio. He should stay right where he is. Who cares about him anymore. He said during his last boring years on FM that he could not work clean and he was right. Let him keep his “retards” and sex machines. Stern is a fairy and he should be happy he can spend his old age years counting his money.
    He said on FM he was on fire to create a new radio, yet his show on Pay Radio is as bad as his last years on FM. Screw the Fag.
    Howard Who?

  • JD


  • Robert Perry from Sacramatato

    Sorry Rich, the pat battle begins January 9. O&A will begin there world domination.

    Start listening now, there’s still time to save you. Two weeks to get the virez!! Hoo Hoo!!!

  • Kenny from San Diego

    Good Job this morning Jeff. As fans of Howard Stern and the fine product Sirius puts we have been e-mailing, calling, protesting this bullshit to all of the news organizations that spewed it. However, I know that there are a lot of fans who want nothing but success for Howard, but we need to take it upon ourselves to spread the word to our friends, family, co-workers about how great this product really is. Word of mouth is the most powerfull means of advertising. So fans, rise up and spread the word. No more bullshit. P.S I don’t own any shares I just want this to be big and when it is I can tell my grandkids I was there in the begining.

  • Doug C.

    What did Howard always say? How did it go? Oh yeah – “Love Me Daddy”.

    How appropriate for this post.

  • simon

    good call in this morning, and enjoy your site.

  • Devin

    John Mainelli got himself fired, by lying to the Post about his side job as a terrestrial radio lackey. The guy spreads lies about Howard, in a desperate attempt to bolster the meager ratings of his “girlfriends” Opie and Anthony,
    then throws a hissy fit after Howard proves his article was crap.

    The sad truth for CBS and ClearChannel is that Stern succeeded in bringing 4.5 million people to Sirius, while at the same time leaving CBS radio to sink like a rock. The best CBS could come up with after Roth, was re-hiring Opie and Anthony, both of whom were failing miserably on XM…now they are failing miserably on XM and CBS. In less then a year Stern has gotten more people to subscribe to Sirius then listen to the Imus in the morning show (Imus pulls in 3.5 million listeners, Stern now has 4.6 million as of last month).

    Mainelli is a sad, pathetic, radio stooge. He was fired because he was a substandard journalist, and a con-man. Stern will be remembered years from now….Mainelli on the other hand, will be forgoten a month from now.

  • Sorry Rich, the pat battle begins January 9. O&A will begin there world domination.

    Start listening now, there’s still time to save you. Two weeks to get the virez!! Hoo Hoo!!!

    I’m sorry, is English not your first language? “Pat battle”? What is that? People are going to be throwing small packets of butter? :p

    Seriously, though, I have tried listening to O&A, both their (note spelling) original show, before they got fired, and their XM show. I’ll grant that they surround themselves with some fine talent. Jim Norton is a great standup comic. However, they themselves don’t really engage me.

  • In another thread an O & A Fan wrote-
    To say there is a conspiracy against stern is absurd.

    I would agree with this. A conspiracy implies organization and “organized” is the last word that I would associate with the current management of terrestrial radio.

  • Jeff great to hear you on Howard yesterday. i was driving into upstate NY and what a surprise to hear him with you.

    and how great that he no longer calls you simply “a blogger.”

    i have a question for you though, can you post some of the “facts” about Sirius that manielli disputed in his 9/20 column? he said Sirius only has 1 million subscribers, Howard says 4 million.

    who holds the official count?


  • The best CBS could come up with after Roth, was re-hiring Opie and Anthony, both of whom were failing miserably on XM…now they are failing miserably on XM and CBS.

    Yeah, they keep adding affiliates, which just dilutes their audience.

  • photomaniac


    The last official report had Sirius with 4.5 million subscribers. I believe Mainelli was trying to claim that only 1 million of those 4.5 million actually listened to Howard. Since these statistics are not available, it is impossible for anyone to know if that is fact or not. Therefore you can add that to Mainelli’s long list of bullshit and incompetent hack-job journalism.

    Simple logic would seem to indicate that far more people are listening to the Stern show. Since Sirius only had 600,000 subscribers when they signed Howard, it’s hard to believe that only 1 out of the 4 million new subscribers are listening to Howard. I’d be willing to bet that closer to 3.5 million are listening to the Stern show.

  • mike hunt

    Screw all that mess howard stern he is the king hey now! No more bullshit…