Journalism 101 from Howard 100 News

Howard 100 News bulldog Steve Langford gave the New York Post a beautiful journalism lesson this morning. A few days ago, media writer John Mainelli wrote a piece speculating on spurious rumors that Howard Stern was going to leave satellite for earth again. Stern has spent the last few days tearing apart every falsehood in the story. It was an attack on Stern, pure and simple and Stern says it’s no coincidence that it is timed to the convention of the National Association of Broadcasters (poor guys) in Texas. So the intrepid Langford got Mainelli on the phone — he has been too chicken to talk to Stern on the air — and pressed him on the fact that he is a radio consultant himself advising terrestrial radio stations and he does not disclose that in his reporting. Mainelli said he has no New York clients anymore. So what? Stern and Sirius are national. It is a conflict of interest, especially because it is not disclosed. Langford Mainelli also got threatening with Langford, which was good for a laugh. Langford earns the A. Mainelli fails the assignment.

  • Some folks might think that Howard having his own news department is a rediculous idea, but Langford continues to impress me with his tenacity as a reporter. Can’t wait to hear this tonight when I get home.

  • From Mainelli’s article- sidekick Artie Lange’s new movie “Beer League” bombed over the weekend in spite of heavy hype on Stern’s show.

    Not so. If you look at the per screen averages for the weekend as posted over at BoxOfficeMojo, you’ll see that BEER LEAGUE made it just into the top ten for the weekend. Not great, but pretty good for a small indie picture only premiering on 163 screens.

  • The Ralph Show

    Heh-heh. Sure would be great to see the MSM jump all over this like they did with the rumors.

    I filled out an Arbitron diary a few weeks ago. My wife and I had a grand total of 1 hour of terrestrial radio listenership. If they were asking about satellite we would have reported close to 20 hours of Sirus Howard 100.

    Things are BAD for terrestrial radio. Even my parents (both in their 70s) are glued to their XM “Frank’s Place” channel. Guys like Mainelli can spin all they want, but it’s already too late.

  • Albert Aguirre

    I love hearing people getting a taste of their own medicine. I love Steve Langford for really digging into this story. John Mainelli is what is wrong with the media and country. He should be banished and if I were king, he’d never have access to a pen, typewriter or computer for the rest of his life. I have uncovered pictures of him enjoying a lunch with broadcasters from XM and Free FM. It’s truly pathetic and sad really.

  • Sam Rayburn

    I truly enjoyed reading the news of the demise of John Mainelli and hope this retribution does not stop with Mainelli. This trail could lead to the offices of CCU, XMSR, GE and Jonathan Jacoby of BoA fame.

    Good investigative work on Steve Langford’s part.

  • Don

    Howard WILL return to terrestrial radio. Guaranteed. Sirius or XM will either buy one another, or one will fold. Guaranteed.

  • J. Herrin

    During a commercial break from the Friday show, I switched to Opie & Anthony just to hear what they might be saying about the whole John Mainelli thing and guess who was on the air with them? John Mainelli. The whole conversation was about how much of an a$$ Stern is and how Stern got Mainelli fired. John Mainelli was given a choice, his consulting job or his NY Post job. He chose to leave his NY Post job. John was still claiming his his numbers were fact. Unless every Sirius subscriber was polled, how can he claim his numbers? What is fact is that O & A had only about 30,000 subscribers to their show on XM. Before Stern went to Sirius they had less than a million people and now 8 1/2 months into his venture, Sirius now has over 4 million.

  • The only thing that got Mainelli released from his job (notice I didn’t say fired?) was Mainelli himself and his own unethical behavior.

    And Don, nothing short of the complete abolishment of the FCC is going to get Stern to even think about going back to terrestrial radio. So, no breath holding here.

  • John S

    I listen to Kidd Chris on my drive home on WYSP in Philly. My radio was still on the station when I got in the car this morning. I usually switch right to Howard but I heard the end O&A’s conversation with Mainelli as mentioned above. Mainelli ended the conversation telling O&A that he thinks their show is great and he’s always listen to them since their early days.

  • Ralph Sucks

    J. Herrin Says:
    What is fact is that O & A had only about 30,000 subscribers to their show on XM.

    This is NOT fact! You CANNOT prove that. Howard CANNOT prove it either. Just like with the Sirius number nobody polled the XM subscribers to determine that number. Howard just made it up like he does with almost all of his “facts”. Put the kool-aid down and get a life. Howard is NOT the king!

  • John S

    Things that can be proven are

    1. Howard went to Sirius and its subscriber numbers went through the roof…… especially around Christmas when Howard made the move.

    2. O&A went to XM…. not much of an effect for XM.

    3. O&A wouldn’t have a career if HOWARD didn’t revolutionize radio like so many others in the radio business. I remember when Howard came to Philly in the 80’s. There was no one like him……. Fastward 20 years, Howard clones are all over the place (I don’t know how anyone can argue that?)

  • Brian C

    John S.

    You are absolutely correct. As for what listeners O&A brought to XM, you can document it. XM charged $2 extra to to listen to them. It is very easy to document.

    These are facts:
    1) John Mainelli is a radio consultant who gets paid by terrestial radio
    2) Terrestial radio does not want satellite radio to succeed
    3) John Mainelli was a consultant for WNEW where O&A worked
    4) Clearly, the most prominent thing on satellite radio is Howard Stern
    5) It is clearly a conflict of interest for Mainelli to report on the satellite radio industry, and Howard Stern

    It doesn’t take a genius to figure out if people think that Howard may come back to terrestrial radio, they will be less inclined to pay to hear him on satellite radio.

    Mainelli had an ax to grind and clearly was doing so. If you don’t think so, you are either naive or stupid.

  • Howard WILL return to terrestrial radio. Guaranteed.

    I don’t believe this

    Sirius or XM will either buy one another, or one will fold. Guaranteed.

    This I do believe. Sirius will buy out XM or will fold.

  • John Connor

    Hoo hoo hoo, Tell em Fred!!

  • Ramone

    Howard is a piece of garbage and a liar. He is bombing at Sirius and using his PR people to put out rumors so he can continue his conspiracies on the air. He is a worthless piece of crap. His daughter is hot though, “My Vagina”

  • John S


    It sounds as if you know something we don’t…… Instead of just writing a bunch of crap, may you should write an intelligent post backing your statements with documented facts…..

    anyone can write “Howard sucks” but give us some reputable details why?
    and how is his show bombing? In “my opinion” its never been funnier.

  • Rob G

    Ramone- You are clearly a moron or a lame O&A fan, which would also put you in the moron category. How can you possibly claim Howard is bombing at Sirius. The Wall Street Journal said Howard would have to increase subsciptions by 1 million to pay for his deal. Sirius had 600,000 subscribers when Stern signed and now, after only 9 months of the Stern show on the air, Sirius has 4.5 million subscribers! These are well documented facts and that is huge success for Howard and Sirius. Also a recent survey showed that Sirius is now the best known “name” brand when people think of satellite radio. That’s a huge turnaround from a few years ago. XM is falling apart and even the XM executives admit it was the “Stern Effect”.

  • BanDiDo

    Hi think John Mainelli should face Howard Stern, call him or receive HS calls.
    I also believe that Sirius will buy XM….and Howard will never be broadcasted on regular/terrestrial radio even if Sirius and XM merge or whatever…..the Howard Stern channels will be like Payperview.

  • John Connor

    Robin, I invented Blogging

    hoo hoo hoo, tell em fred

  • Unbiased Observer

    Can someone explain to me this “Hoo hoo” joke? I just don’t get it. I’ve tried listening to Opie and Andy on FM, but it was a lot like watching Dane Cook perform — No jokes. Or at least none worth laughing over.

    I don’t know how O&A think they’re going to be as big as Stern was on FM, when they’re spending most of their time alienating his former listeners by mocking him and anyone who found him funny for the last 20 years or more.

  • They don’t think they’re going to be as big as Stern was on FM. They’re just enjoying that they’re bigger than Stern is now.

  • H.S fan

    Don’t forget everyone. The “source” that John Manelli used was the radio magazine that is owned by CLEAR CHANNEL which coincidently owns a portion of XM. As far as the Howard Bashers saying he lies about the # of people he brought over…Do you honestly believe that 4 million people in one year all bought new cars or systems and got Sirius for the music? NO 4 million people joined after Howard announced his coming to sirius. The numbers were not there for Sirius beforehand.

  • Dannnn

    I wouldn’t have paid $350 for Sirius in my new Audi and $499 lifetime subscription if Howard hadn’t moved to Sirius. Now I like it for other channels as well but Howard got me to commit.

  • John Mainelli (ex-New York Post)

    Hey putz,
    Your snide, conniving item is erroneous, incomplete, misleading, vengeful and a shameless conflict of interest.
    Inside Radio is the leading radio trade. It does not print “spurious rumors.” And it seldom leads with a rumor as it did with this one unless it’s well-sourced. Don’t count this rumor out yet.
    There is not one falsehood in the story. I know it’s hard to type with one hand jacking Stern off, but you should have provided proof.
    I was never “too chicken to talk to Stern on the air.” They never tried to reach me, ever. And they all have my number. I even talked to that rodential yutz Langford as well as Penny Crone.
    The whole world knows about my consulting. Col Allan is disingenuous. The Daily News (Lloyd Grove) “outed” me in 4/04 and the whole town yawned. Allan should have let this slide. Nobody cares what Stern says anymore. He’s become completely and totally irrelevant and that’s why he got so angry that I exposed the truth this week.
    Telling Langford to “be careful” is not “threatening.” What a shameless shill you are.
    Incidentally, Jarvis, you bitch about alleged conflict of interest and yet you tell people that you consult the NY Times and Guardian? If indeed you do — and I can’t imagine it’s true – shouldn’t this be disclosed when you attack other papers and reporters? Huh, schmuck?
    Next time you lick Howie’s butt, make sure Langford’s face isn’t in the way.

  • kali

    It makes NO sense for Howard to return to dead radio. Why restrict one’s creativity when Sirius has given you the opportunity to fly like never before?

    Desperate dead radio people may have begged Howard to return – sure, I can believe that!
    But that doesn’t translate to Howard saying yes. That would be like an olympic runner shooting himslef in the foot!

  • Brian C

    Mainelli has been exposed as the vengeful, completely biased “reporter” that he is. As for no one caring about Stern anymore, you obviously do because you constantly write about him.

    Inside Radio is a terrestial radio trade paper which receives advertising dollars from radio. Are they not? Are you going to tell me that they are unbiased as to the prospects of satellite radio?

    You make money from consulting terrestrial radio stations! How can you say you are not biased!

    Answer this: Did you or your company act as a consultant and or receive any funds from WNEW (the former home of Opie and anthony)? I know for a fact that you have. You have been exposed as the fraud that you are.

  • Mainelli,
    Assuming that is you (and I can’t imagine why anyone would go to the trouble to get into such a snitfit otherwise): Here is my disclosure page. Let’s see yours. Who are your clients? As for Stern: I like him. You, obviously, do not.

  • Shane Smith

    Is Mr. Mainelli indirectly implying that when a fellow New York (it’s still a big city, right?) news reporter “outs” him it falls on deaf ears, but when Howard Stern, supposedly “irrelevant” (O&A + Stern haters new favorite new word), and fading into obscurity on Satellite radio Howard Stern “outs” him again, now Stern is at fault?

    How can someone so irrelevant and obscure still have so much power, or is that another rumor that you’re shoveling? Your friends over at the dentist’s message board and O&A fan sites still haven’t answered that one.

  • blastedontape

    To all you retards thinking that Howard is going back to testicular radio, He’s letting you know that he never will. His show is hotter than ever before, Gossip websites use his interviews with celebs for stories, he changed the whole radio indutry and made them piss in their pants. And then you got these greedy bastards like john mianelli that want to shit on Stern so people who are not industry savvy read it and decide not to get it so that asshole can sell more radips. john your a piece of shit. I hope you get some shit job like pig virus.

  • Ben Sparks


  • Graham

    I am not going to comment on the conflict of interest or the “persistent rumors.” What interested me most about Mainelli’s article were the following statements:

    1. “His celebrity-guest bookings have all but dried up . . . .”

    Although it is clear that Sirius is a lower profile gig for Howard (something Howard has never denied nor complained of), Mainelli offers nothing to support his conclusion that the available guests have “all but dried up.” In my experience as a listener, I haven’t noticed any substantial difference in the “quality” of guest bookings and Mainelli presents no evidence at all in support of this.

    2. “The Post’s Page Six reported last week that since his move to pay radio, traffic to Stern’s Web site was down a whopping 71 percent and his search-engine action plunged a staggering 90 percent.”

    It is true that Page Six, yes Page Six the gossip page, reported this last week. It is also true, however, that these figures were pretty quickly debunked (or at least challenged) by multiple sources. Mainelli’s article fails to disclose this fact, therefore suggesting that Page Six’s report was correct.

    Mainelli apparently thinks that Howard is “over.” His personal opinion of the quality of Howard’s show appears to have creeped into this article in an inappropriate way. I am not a journalist, but it seems to me that Mainelli is selectively reporting only the information that supports his personal conclusion that Howard is irrelevant as a talent (albeit an irrelevant talent that sells newspapers and gets Mainelli’s report all over cable news shows).

    I don’t believe that Mainelli’s report (as well as the Inside Radio report on which a portion of the Mainelli article was based) was part of a sinister effort by terrestrial radio to kill Sirius. I do, however, believe that John Mainelli liked the idea of taking Howard down a peg. He selectively chose the above dubious material for his article because it supported his personal opinion.

  • John Mainelli (ex-New York Post)

    Oh, it’s me, Jeff. Check Talkers Magazine.

    I’m glad you posted a link to your “disclosure page” because you sure don’t see it or a link to it on this page as linked by Romenesko and bicycled around the web. Trying to hide something?

    As for conflict of interest, when I returned to this page last hour in search of a reported disclosure, I found two banner ads — one for and one for

    Jeff, do the Times and Guardian, etc., know that you’re seriously threatening their reputations by shilling for Stern/Sirius and trashing competiting publications and reporters with lies and half-truths?

    If I were you, I’d get your pals at Romenesko to pull your link immediately. It’s already been up long enough to do me (and them) serious damage. I complained to Romenesko but those lefty wimps didn’t bother to reply.

  • Bob Barnett

    I just found this site after Mainelli accused me of advertising Howard Stern products here.
    Mr Radio Consultant doesn’t understand the concept of Yahoo ads or Google Adwords.
    Sounds like he’s a bigger hack as a consultant than he was as a print shill.

    He whines that Howard never invited him on to ask him about the BS he printed.
    Christ-they would have picked up the phone on him immediately.

  • John Mainelli (ex-New York Post)

    Bob Bob Bob,
    I don’t know what else you would call an ad — however it got there — saying “Howard Stern Media” and “” I’m just pointing out that you have a dog in this fight, innocent though you pretended to be.

    You say “He whines that Howard never invited him on to ask him about the BS he printed.”

    I hope you don’t make mistakes like this in court, Bob. I whined that Stern claimed I wouldn’t go on the air with him without EVER trying to get me on the air when Gary D’A has ALWAYS had my number. Hell, I even allowed myself to be interviewed for Stern’s show by the soon-to-be-sued Steve WhatsHisPutz.

  • Wow, Mainelli, you are as clueless as you seem. Let’s take you into remedial internet media education, kid. What you see are Google ads that are automatically targted to content on the page. I write about Stern; Stern ads appear if Stern pays. If you did that, the same thing would happen. But I think we’ll leave the lesson on how to publish a blog until you pass this course. My disclosures page is linked to clearly from my home page. How about yours, Mainelli? Where is your disclosure page? Who is paying you? Where are your conflicts of interest? Out with it, hack.

  • John Mainelli (ex-New York Post)

    Jeff, kindly pay attention: I also know that you can keep ads from being triggered by certain key words. I would strongly suggest you do this when you are railing against others about various presumed conflicts of interest.

    This page of yours is infested with Stern-linked ads and will continue to be until you de-Stern your Yahoo.

  • Hmmm… Stern’s guest bookings are drying up? Off the top of my head I can think of Jimmy Kimmel & Sarah Silverman, Howie Mandel, Gene Simmons & Tracy Lords, Steve O, Johnny Knoxville and Eddie Van Halen all appearing over the past month. So that’s a late night chat show host and his equally (if not more so) talented stand-up comic/actress girlfriend, host of hottest gameshow, Rock legend & equally famous wife, two stars from movie opening big this weekend and rock guitar icon. Yeah that’s really slipping.

    Also, if Stern is becoming “irrelevant” than why is someone no less than notable than Sam Simon (co-creator of The Simpsons, one of the longest running TV shows ever) working with him on a project for the radio?

    And Mainelli, if it’s ok to print rumors, I have one for you- “John Mainelli is familiar with the definitions of the words ‘ethical’ and ‘professionalism’ and enacts these two words in all his work.” I suspect that as many people will believe this as they believe anything else you’ve written recently…

  • Mainelli: Sounds like you’re threatening Langford now. But with what and for what? Reporting?
    You’re not paying attention: Where is your disclosure? Who are your clients?

  • Ben Sparks

    Also, if Stern is becoming “irrelevant” than why is someone no less than notable than Sam Simon working with him on a project for the radio?

    perhaps that project will be as succesful as the other projects howard has gone on about:

    – ABC News Interview Program
    – Son of the Beach
    – The Howard Stern Radio Show (That show against SNL)
    – Doomesday
    – Howard Stern the High School Years
    – Porky’s
    – Rock and Roll High School
    – Fartman

  • Don

    This John Mainelli is a laughably corrupt excuse for a journalist if these reports are true (and it appears these are). Poynter and Romensko refuse to cower to his demands and they are “lefty wimps?” Quite the opposite, it would appear. And Howard Stern is “irrelevant,” yet just by talking about the incident on Sirius he gets the corrupt writer Mainelli canned? Then he claims he’s going to sue Steve Langford. For what? Asking you a question that you answered?

    Talk about “not getting it.” This clown is clueless.

    Meanwhile, and this is the chief point, he consults for terrestrial radio stations that have – along with him – a vested financial interest in seeing Stern fail.

    He’s like a living parody of journalistic corruption.

    How did this guy get hired to write and report for any news organization is a head scratcher. He has no concept of journalistic ethics and whines and name calls – poorly at that like an 8-year-old – when called on the carpet for his absurd shennanigans.

    Yuch. One down.

  • stan

    Mainelli you are a sniveling little douche. I hope you get cancer of the face but it’ll probably improve your look. you FUCKING GEEK!

  • stan

    Son of the Beach & The Howard Stern Radio Show were both successful you idiot. What about the E! show, what about his PPV what about his 25 year radio career, what about his movie, what about his books, what about the $500 million from Sirius??? Ben Sparks… you are a FAGGOT!

  • stanley

    Son of the Beach & The Howard Stern Radio Show were both successful you idiot. What about the E! show, what about his PPV what about his 25 year radio career, what about his movie, what about his books, what about the $500 million from Sirius??? Ben Sparks…you are a FAGGOT!

  • Ben Sparks

    >>> Son of the Beach & The Howard Stern Radio Show
    >>> were both successful you idiot.

    cancelled and cancelled.

    >>> Ben Sparks…you are a FAGGOT!

    that is mean… and hurtful

  • Sam Rayburn


    You owe 900,000 plus SIRI shareholders a lot of money. I believe some will come to collect.

  • Fred Hughes

    Whoopi and Imus is killing O&A in the ratings. Does that make them Irrelevent?

  • Ben Sparks

    >>> Whoopi and Imus is killing O&A in the ratings

    is they?… is they really?

  • Now stan, there’s no need to call Ben S. names. While he may be an uneducated bufoon, there’s no need to cast unnecessary aspirtions towards whatever his sexuality may be. (And hey, Ben, if you are gay, that’s great by me. More power to anyone who needs what they like, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else.)

    And BTW Ben- The HOWARD STERN RADIO SHOW ran for three seasons, routinely beating SNL in many major markets including New York City and LA.

    DOOMSDAY- fell victim to the development process, as many announced projects do.

    The PORKY’S, ROCK AND ROLL HIGH SCHOOL and HS: THHE HIGH SCHOOL years are still in development. Will we see them? Who knows? Again, there’s lots of announced projects that never get made for one reason or another. Speaking of which, FARTMAN was a “go” movie at New Line but the deal fell through when New Line wanted a big chuck of merchandising revenue, after having just been burned on TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES. And BTW- the FARTMAN is one of the two funniest unproduced scripts I’ve ever read. (And I have collected a lot of unproduced scripts.)

    But whether any of these projects come to fruitition or not, it doesn’t deny the fact that obviously there are some studios who think that Stern is a definitely a viable person to be in business with.

  • Yes and ye..Benny! Ratings are as flat as my heart rate.

  • Shane Smith

    Ben Sparks? The hell? Weren’t you fired for fighting a “stern fan” and having your hosts lie about it been an attack, one that you started?

  • Kudos on this post, Mr. Jarvis. As a longtime fan of Howard Stern I’ve been following this story very closely. Up until now, I have given Mr. Mainelli every benefit of the doubt but I’m disappointed in his aggressive and defensive comments above (if its even possible to be both aggressive and defensive)

    Mainelli’s reaction to being challenged makes him appear as if he’s acknowledging that Steve Langford did indeed hit on somthing in his reports on The Howard 100 News. His comments above also demonstrate his clear personal disdain for Howard Stern prove to me the bias with which he writes. I can’t argue with the steps the New York Post has taken to release Mr. Mainelli from his job.

  • Tom, Take Me Out Fred hughes style!

    Beep, beep

  • capt. hamhands

    Dear Mr. Mainelli

    You are a Hack ! Now Shut The Fuck Up you Filthy Schill !


  • Lisa G

    Steve Langford owned Mainelli so bad.

  • Stella

    Nice to John Mainelli unraveling after his unethical agenda has blown up in his face. He deserves to lose alot sleep over this as I’m sure he will. Karma certainly is a bitch. He needs to take the L and go hide somewhere before he digs himself deeper.

  • Oh and Ben- Shows get cancelled for various reason. And eventually EVERY show gets cancelled. SON OF THE BEACH was cancelled after a mangement change at FOX that wanted to movie more in the direction of dramas like THE SHIELD.

  • Albert Aguirre

    haha!!!…. where’s my popcorn?

  • Ethan Edwards

    Why even read John’s posts? All they are saying is, “WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!”

    Such a whiny little twat.. get a life. You got owned by Stern, you now are his bitch. The end.

  • Mainelli obviously has an axe to grind and/or is getting paid on the sly by Clear Channel/XM and company. I hope the SEC comes and knocks on your door.

    Maybe he can get a job working for Chaunce in Steppin Out magazine!!

  • Buyakai

    Mainelli, why are you blaming Stern? Did he fire you, or was it your boss? You are a crybaby whiner who was given an ultimatum and YOU made your choice. Howard hardly got you fired. By the way, if you were a decent writer, you would know not to end your sentences with prepositions. Stick to consulting, crybaby. O&A shill.

  • Buyakai

    P.S. – Hey Mainelli, who are these Stern fans you are referencing? There are no Stern fans. He has no influence, he can’t get guests, and no one searches for him on the net. You must be on acid. These posts are a figment of your imagination. O&A shill.

  • J Biddy

    Hmmm……O&A had to go back to regular radio…where they were fired from….so they could get publicity because they were going under….oh and they were brought back to regular radio because that was also going under

  • Dawn C.

    Ok, the jokes over. Your cover has been blown. Go back to your message board you phony.

  • dail

    mr.mainelli.were you told to write the story?
    why did you write the story the way you did
    did you assume beer league failed
    or did you listen to the opie and anthony
    why did you warn steve langford to watch what he says
    why did you go on the opie and anthony show , a show
    that has a biased opinion of howard stern , and not another
    show like whoopi or the morning zoo , npr , bill bennett

  • John Mainelli’s a cry baby

    It is so easy to tell that this is eating you up so bad. You probably are not even the real John Mainelli but its funny to think you are. This is just the begging. You wont be getting the same digs Martha got buddy!

    Keep up all the dirty talk, its good practice for when Morece makes you his pet.

  • Manelli nipped the ankle of a giant and got stomped. Stern fans will mobilize against him for every further word out of his cocksucking orifice. Les Moonves and CBS didn’t want any of it after their bitch faces got slapped in public. A little Opie fucker like Manelli is a rusty nail, a beef stew. THAT’S GANGSTA TALK!

  • illeniam

    John Mailnelli (ex-New York Post) – whoever you are…

    I got something for you in my pocket…


    n n ||n
    u u    u n
     \          O
      |        /

  • John Mainelli’s Conscience

    …”i’ve done wrong…”

  • John Mainelli’s Rosy Palm

    …”Even with all this money and a penthouse…he still enough time for me!”

  • O and A fan

    Wow… Gotta love these comments. I really dislike these whole howard stern/OnA fights, they get ugly fast. Yeah, maneli prolly made a mistake, I give that, but to say howard has the relevance he once had is completely untrue. Before anyone disagrees, just look at the market share for any number 1 tv show out there. The percentage of viewers for that show is much lower than 10 years ago with all the competing media out there. anyway to my point, stern was, is, and will always be a great radio personality. No one will ever accomplish what he has done ever again probably, but that is not the point. I was and still am to a certain degree a big fan and admirer of howard, but his show doesnt do what it used to. He is also a big spinner to his audience about the numbers. Anyone thatbelieves all 4 million subscribers to sirius that have come on are ALL howard are delusional. people need to relax about this stuff. o and a is the show for me now for what it has done for comedy and its fan. I feel there is a lot more honesty to their show. I definitely feel for o and a because of the shit howard did to them, but hey thats their problem. At least they are more honest about their issues and hang ups. I am exhausted, but evryone on the board needs to chill out. Stern is good and he will be good until he retires. nothing can change that… ever. He has done too much to ever lose that, but that doesnt mean the man is infallible. It seriously feels like people believe every word that comes out of his mouth, f’ing zombies. Same with o and a, but thats what I like about them. They bust on themselves and are not afraqid to talk about their competition. I dunno, I really think people need to give o and a a chance, they are hilarious and are really innovating things, but they dont act like they are the one and only god. They can be really funny, espcially on xm, and are pretty honest and have really good comentary. O and A, ron and fez, howard, and a little show called the hideout are some of the best things happening in radio. just because there is hate between o n a and howard doesnt mean they are mutually exclusive. so what if o and a talk trash, they earned it. if u were treated liked that by some egomaniac and had to shut up, you dont think u would be pissed. and I dont use the word egomaniac as an insult to howard, he is an admitted control freak, and that what has alaways made him interesting. His overconfidence and drive are what really made his show shine, but again he is not infallible. Just because two radio personalities do not like each other mean that which ever one we choose is alwyas right, always better, and never wrong

  • O and A fan

    and for anyone that says all o and a do is talk about stern, check out it has a lot of their old bits and some of their xm stuff. and it is apparent they do a different show from howard even though it is in the same vein. No one thinks that howard didnt do alot and that no one has seen he was successful and tried to do something similar. What has pissed me off about howard is that he dismisses as anyone in compettition as clones. Even though the statement hoo hoo I invented everything is ridiculous, its not far off. Howard has made a lot of risulous claims and has spin quite a fair share of news his way, but hey he is on the radio so its cool. Whats going to happen once stern moves on. These mediums,both broadcast and satellitle have an exciting future that will not end with howard stern. People need to relax on both sides. Also people need to listen to the ron and fez show, one of the most intelligent and subtle and outthere shows ever. O and A have their flaws, but ron and fez, if u have never given them a chance you do not know what you are missing

    btw I am an xm subscriber as well as a Howard TV subscriber and when I hear of a really good sirius show, I download a mp3 file of it, just so everyone knows where I am comming from

  • ArtiesRolledUpHeroinDollar

    Whhhhhhaaaaaaa…..your out of a job…..Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

  • John Mainelli (ex-New York Post)

    The four previous posts (including the misspelled one above this one) are not mine.

    JARVIS: Remove those false, defamatory, libelous posts at once. You have been warned. It is 5:39 AM/ET on 9/23/06.

    Get out of the message-board business if you can’t keep jerks from posing as other actual posters.

  • deekodico

    hey Mainelli,

    Keep threatening people you non-ethics having piece of dogcrap. YOU are responsible for your actions, YOU made this bed, YOU are reaping what you’ve sown. I hope the SEC investigates you. I’m going to recommend that they do. You better forget about suing Langford, Jarvis or anyone else. You might need that money to defend yourself. Perhaps your buddies O&A can float you a loan.

  • Mainelli is thin-skinned so I killed the posts and others.

  • john mainelli’s unethical mouth

    ethics, ethics, ethics….Didn’t they teach you that in journalism school John Boy?

    You messed with the wrong dog this time.

    Regulary radio is doomed with or without you, but it gives me pleasure to watch you go down with it.

    You can pick up the show and call in anytime jackass you know the #.

  • deekodico

    Hey Mainelli, what do you plan to sue Steve Langford for? Reporting? Investigating? Telling the truth? Sad. I hope your clients who you “consult” for fire you as well. I mean what can you actually offer them anyway? I’d stop “counting” your money and start investing it…you’re gonna need it.

  • deekodico

    Before I forget….



    hi Fred.

  • capt. hamhands

    what happen to my post? did i say something wrong ? all i mentioned were rumors.

  • capt. hamhands

    what happened to the rest of my posts? did i say something wrong ? all i mentioned were rumors.

  • capt. hamhands

    sorry, i guess i stutter.


    Mainelli is a cry baby with homosexual tendencies .he likes the idea of being fisted with no keep in mind this is just a rumor.
    he might actually like lubrication.

  • Schwoogie

    Hey, H.S fan – Clear Channel doesn’t own ANY part of XM. They haven’t for years. Get your facts straight.

  • Doug C.

    It’s shocking how quickly this has conversation had devolved into a name calling match. I tend to think Jeff’s “reporting” on Howard is biased – I take offense that anything involving freedom of speech falls under the “Howard Stern” category; it’s embarrassing.

    Jeff, I’ve always considered you a respectable, intelligent guy, but this never made sense to me. For someone who is always about full disclosure and telling both sides of a story, you should really look at Stern’s gag orders objectively – Stern admitted as much on Sean Hannity. This bias has really made me think twice about some of your reporting.

    Regarding this particular shouting match, IMO Mainelli got fired unfairly, so I think he’s a little pissed off. Can I blame him? No. The NYPost is a rag (one I read every day) but I always enjoyed Mainelli’s articles.

    But wow man – all the accusations of being gay between O&A fans and Stern fans is unsettling – oh I forgot! Being gay is the lowest of low! Posting as “Fred Hughes” is really, truly disgusting as well. That’s the name of Greg “Opie” Hughes dead father, who died in a horrible car accident. I find it hard to believe that people feel so strongly about a radio show as to mock someone’s dead father. Jeez guys, come on.

    Full Disclosure: I have XM (for O&A) and Sirius (not for Howard, but for the music) and enjoy both shows.

  • moron schwoogie

    Clear Channel has the right to program 409.6 kbit/s of XM bandwidth, including forcing XM to include commercial advertising.

    The Clear Channel forward sales agreement with Bear, Stearns & Co. Inc is set to expire in 2008, at which time Clear Channel is expected to deliver to Bear Stearns over 8.3 million shares in XM — which is their original investment — however Clear Channel withholds the right to settle with cash.

  • Patrice Oneal

    The only reason i’m associated with O&A is because I tried getting in with the Stern crowd and failed. I’m not the only one either. Vos, Mohr, Ralphie, Norton, etc… we all wish we could be with the Stern guys. O&A had us sign contracts not to ever leave and go elsewhere. We all signed because, well, we need some exposure. Rogan is the only one who didn’t sign, because he still has Fear Factor and the UFC going for him. They tried to get Dice to do the same thing, but he told them to go fuck themselves, he’s nobody’s bitch. That is why Dice doesn’t appear on the show anymore.

  • Bob Barnett

    I’m almost beginning to feel sorry for John

    Fuck Him

  • It’s kind of sad that the disgraced Stern-biter identifies himself, parenthetically and pathetically in his posts as (ex-New York Post). It is almost as if Mr. Mainelli is aware that the association may well his last of any clout whatever, and that he clings to his apex… post by post … as thr nadir nears.

  • Pingback: BuzzMachine » Blog Archive » Wacked hack, smacked and sacked, attacks()

  • Mainelli you will NEVER sue Steve Langford or Stern, much less win if you did. Don’t play internet tough guy with us. Stern Nation already reddened your ass cheeks in public, don’t make us stuff a boot up your brown hole. We made Chevy Chase, Jon Bon Jovi, Les Mooves etc. miserable until they capitulated. We made Sirius a real contender. You are just a pebble of shit to be flushed and forgotten.

  • DodgerBlues

    “John Mainelli. Rumors he says. Here i have a rumor, John Mainelli fucks poodles. How’s that for a rumor?!” – Howard Stern on his radio show.



  • Jeff,

    Love ya babe, but if hack he be, not a lot of ink ought to be spilled on it. You’re bigger than this. Can we change the channel?

  • O and A fan

    not my post was on the article above but I think it is very relevant

    Actually, Mainelli was at WABC from the late 80s until 1995. He was instrumental in bringing Rush Limbaugh to New York to launch his syndicated show and he also hired Curtis to do mornings–not to mention went to bat with ABC brass over Bob grant on more than one heated occasion.

    It is truly ironic that a guy who was more of a champion of free speech than Stern turned out to be, would be so heavily criticized by Stern, who I believe Mainelli was a big fan of for many years.

    As a programmer, John had the sense to program based on personality rather than ideology—a trait very few programmers seem to share. He had WABC as high in the ratings back in the early-mid 90s as that station has ever been since going talk. He left WABC (of his own free will) in the spring of 1995 after taking the station to #2 in the market 12+.

    He deserves a lot of credit as a talk programmer, not to mention a fearless manager of talent. It’s a shame to see him being beaten up by those who haven’t the slightest idea how effective he was as a radio programmer. He was more qualified to be writing about radio than most who are doing it around the country. And yes, intelligent people can manage to be objective even if they may be the appearance of a conflict of interest. Not everybody is a conniving schemer. The guy who gave John the ultimatum should be fired for being so entirely clueless in not knowing what countless others have been aware of for years–that is Mainelli’s consulting practice.

    Regardless, isn’t it refreshing to see the NY Post suddenly so concerned with even the slightest of minutia concerning “standards”. What a call to arms. Bravo, Post!


  • O and A fan

    again the above post is not mine, but I like it very much dont want anyone to get confused and offend original author

  • O and A fan

    “# Patrice Oneal Says:
    September 23rd, 2006 at 11:19 am

    The only reason i’m associated with O&A is because I tried getting in with the Stern crowd and failed. I’m not the only one either. Vos, Mohr, Ralphie, Norton, etc… we all wish we could be with the Stern guys. O&A had us sign contracts not to ever leave and go elsewhere. We all signed because, well, we need some exposure. Rogan is the only one who didn’t sign, because he still has Fear Factor and the UFC going for him. They tried to get Dice to do the same thing, but he told them to go fuck themselves, he’s nobody’s bitch. That is why Dice doesn’t appear on the show anymore.”

    this is really messed up. But fine a lot of shit has been said by both sides. A lot of radio insiders read this fine blog (even though jarvis is pro-stern, I like his articles very much), so I hope someone can see about the truthfulness of this statement.

    and by the way, I was wondering about validity of the negative press about Howard. While I doubt it is truly as negative as it has been presented, I was wondering about how he is really doing, not counting statements from either camp (onA and Stern). I mean, is it true to say he brought all 4 million listeners to sirius. I tended to trust maineli’s reserch on that aspect of his article once it was explained, but if someone can give a better estimate, I would really like to hear it. And the hitwise article that set off this whole thing, I looked at some stuff about it some more and it seems it was talking about market share and that all the news that reported it afterwards got that aspect twisted. Does that change the challenges to it or not? I really dont know at all.

    Mr. Jarvis, with all this fuss over the stern stuff, I would really be interested to hear what you have to say about it even though you seem pro stern. You do a good job in my opinion, and I believe you could do a unbiased article on your blog. With so much spin from both camps, I would be really interested in an interpretation of statements from both sides. Again, stern saying all 4 million listners that have come on are his doing seems kind of fishy as well as a statement that he is adding 6,000 subs a day. Also he gets calls from people during his show from people that sell the radios saying that sirius units are flying off the shelf and that no one buys XM. On one message board, someone pointed out that just as people are saying maineli are violating SEC rules, that Stern should be investigated as well. I am obviously biased even though I want to be fair so I would like some feedback from someone more qualified than me

  • Mike Cane

    Jeff, given the high tone of your blog, why do you allow your Comments section to be a sewer? One guy — who is, and does what and for whom? — posts FU to Mainelli 4x and that’s fine? Is this congruent with your vision of the net? If it is, maybe I’ve been wearing the wrong glasses while reading your blog……

    Full disclosure: I don’t care about any of the parties here and have no connections to any. Just wondering if civility is dead…

  • O and A fan

    Jeff I have another question, in your article “The definition of networked news”, you talk about the changes journalism needs to make to become a better medium. Although opie and anthony are not network news, do you feel that their show emulates qualities like you outlined? when I read that article, and also on ones that refer to the aspects that make youtube and wikipedia so great, I felt that the opie and anthony show has distinguished itself from sterns model precisely because of the qualities. Although it may not be completely correct to say so, I feel that the opie and anthony show is similiar to the open source movement. For me, that is one of the reasons I Have choose XM over sirius.

  • O and A fan

    as well as feel the OnA product is uperior to Sterns, I would really like some feedback

  • Brian J

    “Arguing on the Internet is like competing in the special olympics…even if you win, you are still retarded.”

  • James Norden

    hey, jeff… what happened to the BuzzMachine’s “Rules of Engagement?”

    * No personal attacks, hate speech, bigotry, or seven dirty words in the comments or comments will be killed along with commenters.

  • vlad

    Wow, the BS machine is out in full force.

    Disclosure: I dont really listen to OA because I find them genericaly bland and there are tons of OA all over the place (I DL the Doug Stanhope presence on Stern and on OA because Im a huge fan of his and the Stern show appearance was heads above the OA.
    I listen to Stern occassionaly. I have friends who always send me tapes with interviews (and videos of porn stars riding this masturbation machine they have) and the Dixie Chicks and John Daly interviews were the best I ever heard those do. Like truffles, you can find some interesting things on Stern once you bypass all the gay anal stuff that the freaks do there and all the Stern ego stroking that goes on.

    That said: Can a Stern basher please explain to me HOW Stern could go back to do a OA half and half show?
    There is NO way I can see him getting out of his contract to leave satellite but there could be a possibility at least of doing a half-and half show.
    So how exactly would someone go about to saying “Oh yeah, all you people who paid hundreds of dollars to get ‘EXCLUSIVE’ content will now be subsidizing Joe Blow on terrestial radio who is listening to the same thing for free. Ha!! Suuuuuckers!”

    And that is not even taking in account leaving the freedom of satellite to get back in the clutches of the FCC and islamic law which rules the airwaves. The Stern Show got a shot in the arm creatively speaking (I use the term loosely) by the switch to satellite and I dont see a guy who is going to make 500 millions (freaking unreal) and is a few years away from packing it all in go back through the grief of conventional radio (Have you people SEEN that Sybian thing?). Stern had a good 20+ year run on terrestrial radio, why would he go back?

    THOSE are the questions that the Post guy left open but when you are dealing with rumors, it isnt important.

    There is a OA clip from that Stanhope show that made me laugh when people were freaking out that someone dropped an F word and they werent sure if they were on satellite or both and if it was heard and so on… Listening to that kindergarten level of panic over one F word made me realize why satellite will produce better radio content: censorship isnt being forbidden to swear, its the constant fear and unease that having a Damocles sword entails.

    That said, Stern Nation and Pests are two of the lowest lifeforms this side of Claymates.
    To paraphrase WIlliam Shatner, “Get a life people!!”

  • Buford T. Justice

    I’m still waiting to hear about how anything that Minelli brings-up has anything to do with Howard breaking a $500,000,000 contract w/ Sirius.

    Howard’s Agent: “Howard wants to go back to Terrestrial Radio”

    -I know this isn’t truem but bear with me here-

    MEL: “No”

    Howard’s Agent: “PLEASE!!!”

    MEL: “OK…for $500,000,000 he can go back.”

    Howard’s Agent: “Maybe Robin will sell her boat”.

    This whole thing is assinine…even if he wanted to, and I’m not sure why he would but whatever, he couldn’t because A) Sirius wouldn’t let him and B) None of the fans that paid $100 for a Sirius radio and $12.95/mo since January would ever listen to him again…the whole ordeal would be worse PR than any kind of “loss of influance” would bring…

    I don’t think the media uses their heads anymore…it’s like they get “drunk with power” almost…

  • Crooked Mainelli Busted

    Looks like Mainelli started with the insults right off the bat. Read his first post. He is a lowlife and people have to deal with him on his level.

    BTW rumor monger/fake journalist Mainelli is hilarious acting like Inside Radio is a good source for sat radio info. They HATE sat radio and guess why? Clear Channel OWNS Inside Radio. Mainelli, Carolyn Gilbert and Tom Taylor are the last people to get unbiased info on sat radio from.

  • Tony Edwards

    I find this whole situation almost endlessly entertaining, particularly the fact that Mr. Mainelli, present in this thread, is so persistently whiny and threatening.

    John: You need to go back to law school if you believe those posts are libelous. No reasonable person would conclude that “John Mainelli’s Rosy Palm” was anything but satire, as you should well know after all the years you’ve been directly and indirectly involved in radio (including your laughable one-month stint as a PD at WOR).

    You are a joke. You have no credibility as a journalist OR a radio consultant. You’ve been fired as one and (one hopes) will likely have a hard time finding work as the other. Coming into this discussion and making threats will help neither career. Do yourself a favor and shut the hell up.

  • adma

    To paraphrase the typical radio-guy sleazy-weasel spin on such things, as a journalist, John Mainelli is not in the news business. He’s in the *entertainment* business. That is, it’s about “pleasing the audience”. And if truth be damned, so be it…

  • Dr. Remulak

    Dear Mr. Mainelli,

    I don’t think anyone truly wanted to see you lose your job. At the end of the day we all have families and have to put food on the table and pay bills. I do think you wrote the article with the intention of tweaking Howards nose(pun intended). But in life, it is usually the stupidest and smallest of thoughtless actions that backfire in our faces. To me it seems you tried to get in on OA’s fun (even though their fun are completely spun falsehoods), but you have a job that truth and full discloser is of preeminate importance. You not the first guy to get caught up in between consulting and a paid journalism gig. But you have made a spectacle of yourself and shown your true colors. Everything you write about Howard Stern from here on will have to be seen as coming from the pen of a man with an axe to grind.

  • Dr. Remulak

    Dear Mr. Mainelli,

    I don’t think anyone truly wanted to see you lose your job. At the end of the day we all have families and have to put food on the table and pay bills. I do think you wrote the article with the intention of tweaking Howards nose(pun intended). But in life, it is usually the stupidest and smallest of thoughtless actions that backfire in our faces. To me it seems you tried to get in on OA’s fun (even though their fun is completely spun falsehoods), but you have a job that truth and full discloser is of preeminate importance. You not the first guy to get caught up in between consulting and a paid journalism gig. But you have made a spectacle of yourself and shown your true colors. Everything you write about Howard Stern from here on will have to be seen as coming from the pen of a man with an axe to grind.

  • Cathead©

    Mainelli is a shill for the NAB. It’s been proven.

    Tell ’em Fred. Oh…wait. He can’t, he’s dead.

  • God

    Am I good or what?

    Always remember to row your boats “gently” down the stream.
    Life is, after all, My dream!

  • O and A fan

    just want everyone to know that ive switched sides and i am now a stern listener and subscriber.i must have lost my mind listening to those two homos.please forgive me.

  • God

    See what I mean!

  • photomaniac

    It’s so laughably pathetic when O& A and their fans say that Howard used to be great but isn’t anymore. I’ve listened to Howard since the early 80’s and his current show is the best ever. He is totally inspired by his new freedom from the FCC.

    Also now that he has all the old tapes from his career, we get to hear all those “great” moments again, and they’re even funnier than before because now they’re uncensored.
    It’s the best Stern ever, and with the addition of the hilarious Artie Lange and a state of the art studio, no other radio show can touch them.

    Howard purposely chose creative freedom over a large audience. He knows in a few years his audience will be huge again and he’s having a ton of fun in the process.

    It’s also very obvious that regular radio and XM desperately need Stern to fail in order for them to survive.Radio advertising profits are plummeting and XM is losing it’s dominance to the fast growing red hot Sirius. Mainelli’s lame article was a clearly biased attempt to discredit Stern and cast doubt on the future of Sirius.

    Satellite radio is here to stay and Howard is it’s biggest star. So to sum up:
    The Howard Stern Show is funnier than ever.
    He’s making radio history yet again.
    He’s got the biggest contract in show business.

    That doesn’t sound irrelevant and washed up to me. We should all be so lucky in our careers!

  • Can we get rid of the racist comment above me?

  • Huh… Looks like its already gone!

  • O and A fan

    terrestial and XM dont NEED stern to fail at all. It will hurt market share sure, but they will go on. The stern effect is very important, but it only counts for so much. To say there is a conspiracy against stern is absurd. Each company is of course trying to downplay the other, but a conspiracy no. Again I will point out that sterns fate is really a subjective matter. Of course he is successful in his move, but the flip side is he didnt bring as many of his fans as was being estimated by radio analysts. He has a lot less people listening to him than he had and no matter what anyone says that = less influence. I personally dont think he is a failure. About o and a, when they went to satelliter adio they realized they before they wouldnt have as many listeners and a long term goal of some type of simulcast syndication.

    You have to remember that they havent reached the pinncale of their career. On a side note, will that pinnacle be as big as howard, no of ofcourse because of all the competetition that has arisen such as ipod and other stuff like that. the deal of being on radio and satellelite is an extraordinary one because they have both the outlet of reaching a bigger audience as well as the xm show. they do 3 hours on free fm and then 2 on xm. I was upset at first, but I saw the benefits. They still put on a quality show and then u have the cursing. they also have more opportunities. Another way o and a go beyond howard is that they do more for the fans. From the traveling virus which was incredible to the road shows, they have a lrot of fan interaction. Also, the pests… we may be revolting for our fanaticalism but u have to give props to any radio show that can entice their fans to act on their to attack other programs as well as pay out of pocket to put up a billboard declaring victory. Qualities like that show just how evolved their show is.

    Serioously, I am not syaing you have to stop listening to stern, check out where you can check out old bits and bits from xm. Give them a chance. BTW, O and A have not lied about howard. they often play clips of him and use his own words against him. they may spin it some on some subjective areas, but u have to give them credit, at least they are genuine.

  • Emily Stern

    I hate my father. That’s why I overdosed at the the Jingleball and was fingered by an african american. Then I went on to do a play where I showed off my big Jewish tits and my vaginaaaaa!

  • I wish I could remember who said this to me, but one of the best comments I’ve heard about the “Stern effect” at Sirius is this [paraphrased]:

    “There used to be nothing wrong with traditional radio, so the idea of satellite radio made no sense–why fix something that wasn’t ‘broke?’

    In order to make satellite radio work, Sirius had to break regular radio. Sirius hired Howard and ‘broke’ regular radio.”

    There are going to be a lot of folks like Mr. Mainelli who have made a good living in regular radio uncomfortable with the new reality Stern created in January, OR who are backing the wrong horse. In this particular case, Mr. Mainelli is in the unfortunate position of defending a dying business model rather than adapting AND backing the wrong horse.

  • adma

    A couple of threads on the subject from the New York Radio Message Board–might be worth it for the insight, and perhaps a few laughs or cringes

  • O and A fan

    That is exactly why o and as deal is so great, they do both. Even though the buisness model of terrestrial radio is outdated, its free. Not to say that satelite radio is bad, but terrestrial radio wil not go away. They are not a single company. They are going to both coexist.

  • Tony Edwards

    Nice to see the O and A fans showing up with crass, racist “satire.” You guys are so witless that O and A might even hire you as writers!

  • deekodico

    Look at the O&A “pets”( we leave off the first s for stupid.)

    Lets attack Howards daughter because our jealous and far less talented masters command us to.

    You guys are the reason that O&A will always be regarded as a second rate show.

    Congratulations. No wonder Mainelli backs those two dopes…water finds its own level.

  • Robert Perry from Sacramatato

    Hoo Hoo, Tell em Fred, O&A always win in the end

    We pests will avenge Mainelli. Hoo Hoo is irrelevant, how could he get Mainelli fired. The post should check with O&A first before taking any more action.

  • BusTramplesOpie

    the “queers” are a bit late. yes, “hoo hoo this, hoo hoo that.Ramone this and bucket of AIDS that.” this thread is pretty much dead already. maybe you guys should lose a good 150 lbs off your 350lb frames (i’ve seen the pictures), and get here sooner.

  • Dave

    The problem is, O&A continue to talk about Howard on a daily basis as if he were the competition. He is not. It would be one thing if they were going at it head-to-head but they are not. O&A continue to ignite the flame by bringing Howard’s name up so they can bring/continue the heat. It’s not like Howard starts talking about them to start and they are just answering his comments; they pick up on something Howard says and comment on it and bash him for it, even when it has nothing to do with them. They play clips from his show on Sirius for christ sake. That should tell everyone they obviously listen to the show and/or have people who listen to Howard’s show. If you are better than someone or have the better product as O&A so often claim, there is no need to keep justifying it; just do your show and the truth will come out in the end. I think the benchmark has been set by Howard with his KROCK, WYSP, WJFK, Etc. ratings, so O&A should be striving to pull down those kinds of numbers to prove they are better than Howard as they claim. I don’t think it will happen and if you can’t pull down Howard’s numbers in the same markets in the same time slots, you are obviously not as good as him. (Are you hiding from the 9-10 hour because you can now use it as an excuse for the ratings not being where everyone thought they should be?) Sorry, Howard blazed the trail and you two are just driving it. When you’re second best in anything you usually resort to insults and that is what O&A and their fans do. They can’t beat ’em, so they break out the jew jokes.

  • Shane Smith

    Dave, about one point that you mention. I see on the O&A/New York Radio Message Board (run by Dr. Sniffen) and thier “official” forum that the new thing to say is JV & Elvis (never heard of them before and they supposedly started out in the SF Bay Area) are holding O&A back. The ratings from 6 to 9AM are decent, but whatever lackluster effort JV&Elvis put on lowers the overall ratings period. The terrestrial radio fans, satellite radio bashers on Sniffens board are talking amongst themselves about how Leslie and Joel need to get a 4th hour on Free-FM to boost that stations ratings. By doing this you would further screw over the handful of O&A listeners on XM radio.

    What was once 5 hours of censor free, commercial-limited radio is now 3 hours of FCC regulated, commercial ridden radio, with a walkover (WTF is that about?) and 2 hours of whatever they have enough energy to do on XM.

    Oh, and Sniffen and his disciples seem to believe that Ron&Fez should make the move to Free-FM also. Why doesn’t CBS just call it day and name their stations Free-XM?

  • Lance Eluction

    Hey Mainelli, can I visit you in prison when you get convicted of a Federal SEC felony violation? Never heard of “Conflict of Interest” or “Stock Manipulation” ???? Since you allegedly wrote willful and negligent comments with the alleged express intent to injure Sirius stock, while allegedly working for their direct competitor, without acknowledging that link, I believe you should be investigated. I will certainly be writing to the SEC this morning to suggest that a criminal indictment be sought. I will also be writing to other State and Federal agencies to request that they file a criminal referral to the SEC. Let’s expose your alleged connection to Clear Channel and XM Radio. It is my opinion that this was an allegedly planned “operation” to cause damage to SIRI. And as a shareholder I may pursue my own legal options.

    While I am not personally sure of any criminal or civil activilty on your part, this story certainly quacks, waddles and swims in a pond, this should be pursued, if only to clear you of any alleged malfeasance.

    How do you look at yourself in the mirror without disgust? Why would you so blatantly suggest things that are so easily proved flase and misleading? Moron. You will look back on this day as the beginning of the end of your career. And you have nobody to blame but yourself.

  • Joe

    Lisa G…your kinda hot.

  • Joe -Questions for Manielli


    Im not trying to take shots here, Im just a little curious.

    If Howard is so irrelevant, then why even report on his success or lack of?

    Why not just report on how great terrestial radio is now that Howard is gone?

    Why not just report how well O & A or are doing on both XM & Free FM?

    Why is it news that Howard is failing according to you?

    Why would you even care?

  • Guy Love

    Being a SIRI shareholder, I have watched the stock go from $1 (before they signed up Stern), up to $10 (Stern speculation) and then watched it get beat back down to $4 (Stern is overrated, he cost to much, etc.).

    Stern has a long history of finding the next big thing and has placed his bet on satellite radio over terrestrial radio. Advances in technology have allowed newsprint to be replaced by the internet and broadcast television to be replaced by cable and satellite television. It is highly probable that satellite radio will replace terrestrial radio in a similar manner. Stern is just an early adopter who is once more ahead of the curve. In 3 to 5 years we will all know if he made the right choice.

  • Way to go Johnny!

    It is so sad to watch a man throw his integrity under a bus. The only thing worse is watching him follow up with his dignity.

    Nice work John. Your implosion here was entertaining to watch. You amused me and for that I thank you.

    You’re obviously not very bright, maybe that’s why you were hired by the Post.

    OH. And when is Howard going to finally figure out that Rupert Murdoch, owns a huge stake in XM? That’s why these stories are coming out in The Post and why Fox is beating the drum. WAKE UP HOWARD, you’re in a war with some powerful people that are losing enormous amounts of money because of you. XM was supposed to be turning a profit by now, and would have been if you hadn’t gone to Sirius (there would no longer be a Sirius).

  • kali

    In 3 to 5 years we will all know if he made the right choice.

    I know now. The answer is YES!

  • Dave

    Shane. That makes sense.

    I guess as an XM subscriber I’d be pissed if I’m paying and they are on free radio. Same as if Howard went back. I’d be pissed that I’m paying and he’s on free radio.

    I think that’s how most Sirius subs feel and that is why Manelli article was so damaging.

  • Biznatch

    You are all losers….but John Mainelli is the biggest of them all. Peace out assholes!

  • uncle teabag

    There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a Polynesian hooker jiggling your balls when you didn’t even have to pay her for it.

  • Patrice Oneal

    I probably shoudn’t tell you guys this stuff, but I’m trying to get out of the O&A business.
    Do you remember a few months back, when during the “Walk-Over”, a supposed STERN FAN attacked O&A? Well, it was all bullshit. It was a setup. O&A planned that shit hoping it would generate some publicity for them. The so called STERN FAN is one of our REGULAR PESTS.

  • I love how John just goes around threatening people. Who the fuck does this guy think he is?

    He tells Steve Langford to “Be careful” for exposing John for the fraud he is. What Steve did to you is called responsible journalism, and made you look like a fool while doing it John.

    Take a page from his book instead of threatening to sue him for being 100% correct about your conflict of interest. What a joke.

    Then he WARNS Jarvis to “Remove those false, defamatory, libelous posts at once. You have been warned. It is 5:39 AM/ET on 9/23/06.”

    What a self-important blowhard. Are you going to sue Jarvis too, you bitch?

    Why not sue me? Fuck it, sue everybody on this board.

    You are just another media scumbag who will put anything on paper to get a few reads and using Howards name to do it. You may as well join the crew at Fox News, they do the same thing. Take an ethics class or two. It’ll do you good.

    And by the way, when are you going to give the world some actual evidence that Stern will be returning to terrestrial radio? Howard would like to know how you know this and he doesn’t.

  • bartt

    I am a recovering Stern fan. I signed up for Sirius and looked forward to the show and loved it for about 7 months. Then, Robin started stepping all over Artie (She is pompous and boring), Riley Martin was revealed to be making $250 a show and Howard takes about 5 weeks out of 8 for vacation.
    I know Howard’s earnings aren’t actually $500 million and he deserves a vacation, but enough is enough. Pay your talent! His hypocrisy is blinding, Riley is a nut and one of Howard’s greatest discoveries and he pays him SHIT! Millions of dollars is ridiculous, but how about a livable salary? I’ve always disliked Robin, but she is now intolerable with her treatment and jealousy of Artie. I wish she would please restrain herself and stop interrupting Artie. And no fucking way is anyone going to convince me that Howard ought to have the same vacation schedule as before, at least not in this first year. Bubba is a void and a sadist, total waste of time. Ferrall is great, and Miserable Men kills, but the worst part of all……. We now have to listen to RALPH every fucking day. Hearing him denigrate working people and act as snobby as Howard is too much. I know this is about Mainelli, but it is hard to get e-mails through to the show, so hopefully you guys forgive me a little bloviating.

  • paul

    Hey Patrice, if that is really you, are you in a contract to keep the O&A ad on your site?

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  • Ethical Fan

    Dear John Manelli

    Who is proud of you John? Who is looking at you and saying that is my champion? Who are you aiming to please?

    That’s my daddy John, he really does well. He writes lies and gets called out for being unethical, then he threatens to sue when his world collides on him. Is that like me starting a fight, getting my ass kicked and then sueing the guy that beat me up.

    What happened to being a man?

    You should take your beatings and try to come out stronger. The pen is mightier than the sword only when the ink is real.

    You now remind me of a dog (who can’t swim) thrown into a pool and trying to stay afloat. You are going to wither away into obscurity; instead of doing the right thing, you are trying to fight on the empty ammunition that got you there in the first place. You are Saddam getting thrown out of the court room again.

    Read all these posts John, That will be the last time the world will mention your name. Perhaps, some read the local Lake George Daily Bee.

    You had it John, you did, not everyone could write for the Post. All you had was flushed down the unethical path by the tired story you swam with.

    Much Love John, Much Love.

  • Insane Noodle

    Let me re inject some intelligence into this thread


  • Response to Bartt

    Bartt –

    Howard doesn’t pay the salary of Riley Martin. Sirius does.

    Plus, how much of a liveable salary does he need. Hie show is a goof and he should be lucky to have the timeslot so he can hock his wares. Its not a daily show anyway. How much should he earn for an hour or two a week?

    And Robin has always sucked – I can’t argue with you on that.

  • Joe -More questions for Manielli


    Interesting that you just track Howard Stern’s demise. What other rumors have you heard through Inside Radio about shows that are tanking on satellite radio or fm radio?

    Did I miss the article in the New York Post about how DLR sucked? Did you write about the time O & A got fired for their on-air stunt at the cathedral?

    Hows Martha’s show doing? Will you be letting us know when her web hits are down? Will you be tracking Oprah’s new show? Are you going to report on Oprah when she tanks on XM?

    I don’t recall you reporting in the NY Post that the O & A show tanked miserably with them only bringing over 35,000 listeners. How come no report of that? How come no mention that O & A failed miserably on XM so now they went back to FM like little bitches once they didn’t have to compete with Howard anymore? Why not expose them for how much they tanked?

    Sure you don’t have an interest in FM radio? Sure this wasn’t a ploy to get people to bag Sirius Radio? And why explain all this on O & A’s show? That doesn’t look shady. Any truth that O & A put you up to these slanderous shennanigans?

    If you really think Howard sucks then just say so. No shenannigans there. You can even give examples if you like. But if you believe in your FM/XM product, then you shouldn’t have to resort to slimey tatics like reporting lies to get people to listen to your product. Come on man…be a journalist. Not a scumbag.

  • adma

    Given Mainelli’s “hey putz” attitude, I might as well reinvoke this 2002 Michael Wolff quote pertaining to the music biz–but just as well transcribable into the radio biz…

    It is hard to think of a more profound business crisis. You’ve lost control of the means of distribution, promotion, and manufacturing. You’ve lost quality control — in some sense, there’s been a quality-control coup. You’ve lost your basic business model — what you sell has become as free as oxygen.

    It’s a philosophical as well as a business crisis — which compounds the problem, because the people who run the music business are not exactly philosophers.

    “They’re thugs,” says a former high-ranking music exec of my acquaintance, who is no shrinking violet himself.

    Such thuggishness, when the business was about courting difficult acts, enforcing contracts, procuring drugs, paying off everyone who needed to be paid off, may once have been a key management advantage. But it probably isn’t the main virtue you’re looking for when you’re in a state of existential crisis. Being street-smart is not being smart.

  • Rob G

    Hey Bartt,

    You’re out of your mind. Howard doesn’t take off excessively. The show now runs about 5-6 hours a day with almost no commercial interruption. We’re getting more show than ever and it’s funnier than ever. Plus when Howard does take time off we get to hear the old classic shows and bits uncensored. And if you miss something you can catch it on the 24 hour a day replays. It’s the best thing on radio (satellite or terrestrial).
    So Bartt- be a good boy and just shut up and listen!

  • Ok, disclosures up front: I am a Stern fan. Since his move to Sirius, I no longer have to wait for my trips to Mesquite and Las Vegas to hear him now in Salt Lake City. Not to mention, I now get an uncensored show that is the best Howard has done in years.

    I’ve heard the Mainelli’s rants on his show and while sometimes they can be too much, I understand Howard trying to defend himself against such rumors.

    My questions to John Mainelli are:

    – why did you not disclose your affiliations with terrestrial radio?

    – as someone who worked as a freelance writer some years ago, I understand about keeping your sources secret. But if you are so sure that Stern is going back to FCC infested radio, why the dishonesty of not disclosing Inside Radio’s Clear Channel connection? Were you afraid that people would think you were a shill for terrestrial radio? If you are trying to sell your story and if you really are reporting a reliable source, why not disclose?

    – why avoid going on the air with Stern? You will go on O&A and trash talk with them. It only seems fair to go on with Stern and clear all of this up. If you are that confident in your sources, make it happen. Some of us disbelievers will at least gain some lost respect for you.

    Siding with O&A proves several things: you hate Stern, you have a vested interest in promoting terrestrial radio over satellite radio, you do not have the honesty to speak openly in defense of your article.

    At least someone like Jeff Jarvis discloses his interests and likes when he posts. It’s not about being right. It’s about gaining and earning respect. Obviously, you know nothing about that, with your “being in bed” with regular radio.

  • Mike

    As a Stern Listener from the first time he was broadcast in Cleveland, and a current O&A listener, I can see both sides. O&A never argue that Stern did a lot to open the doors for his type of talk radio.Stern has disclosed that he did have gag orders placed on DJ’s at stations. My question is, in this age of technology, why can’ Sirius and XM track who listens to what?There has to be a way to know whos tuned in to whom at what time. That would prety much end the pissing contest.
    I respect Stern to this day, but when it came time to purchase a system, I looked at my options. Stern was doing 4 shows a week. Stern has like 3 months of vacation a year. If I wanted “best of’s”, I’d find them on the internet.O&A are doing 5 plus hours a day, meet wiht their fan base regularly, and have guests I’m more interested in.Add that to the fact I thought Stern was “phoning it in” for the last 7 months of his time on terrestrial radio, my decision was made for me.
    If Stern returns to terretrial, I’ll listen. But until them, isn’t this like people arguing over which is better- The Daily Show or the Colbert Report? Daily was first, but Colbert wouldnt be there if it weren’t for Stewart… Theyre both funny. Enjoy what you want.

  • Mike,

    I really wish people would quit exagerating Stern’s vacation time. 3 months a year? If I remember right recently, when a caller was bitching about how much time they take off, Howard said it was 6 weeks a year. About half of that 3 months.

    You complained about his “phoning in” the show his last 7 months on terrestrial radio, but say you would listen to him again if he comes back? That makes no sense at all. What it sounds like it you really were looking for a reason to stop listening to him and O&A were on XM. I have nothing against O&A other than the few times I’ve listened, I didn’t enjoy their show. But be honest… if you don’t like Stern, just say so. It’s all good. No need to pretend. In the end, it’s just a personal preference. If someone likes O&A, that’s cool. But I really don’t see too many that listen to both. It seems to be one or the other.

  • Rob G

    Stern’s time off is greatly overblown. Many times he works on Fridays even though his contract seems to say he can take off. Plus I enjoy the Friday shows and hearing the behind the scenes stuff on the classic bits.

    I don’t agree that he phoned it in during the his last months on terrestrial radio. He was still doing plenty of hilarious stuff but he was censored so heavily that the show sounded chopped up like swiss cheese. That’s not his fault. We all know Howard get’s scrutinized by the FCC way more than anyone else. I once saw Oprah talking about oral-anal sex at 4pm in the afternoon and she received no FCC fine! Meanwhile Howard was being fined for much tamer material. It’s ridiculous.

    I’ve tried to give O&A a chance but every time I listen they totally suck. I’ve heard local guys who are funnier.

  • fffffffffffrunkus


  • mightyjoe

    Oh pls… Opie and Anthony who are they? Only heard of them when Howard mention them. Ever since Howard left… the radio is not same anymore… So many Howard stern wannebe… Nobody I mean nobody beat Stern.. I rarely listen to radio now… Oh I’ve tried to listen at the beginning just wanted to know what its like after Howard is gone… they tried to do the same format like Stern do… oh my god i said this is exactly like stern show but its not Howard…. Its awful almost had an accident that morning… Im not gonna mention any name.. like ADDAM COROLLA…. oop sorry did i say i didn’t want to mention any name oh well… have a nice day

  • mightyjoe

    And another thing… To all the shock jock wannabe….You’ll SUCK and f#

  • Paul R. Nelson

    I’m Paul R. Nelson. I approve of the Greg and Tony show. At least they are not Jews.

  • Frank

    Steve Langford is a total moron,I repeat Steve Langford is a moron even as a parody of a reporter.