Journalism 101 from Howard 100 News

Howard 100 News bulldog Steve Langford gave the New York Post a beautiful journalism lesson this morning. A few days ago, media writer John Mainelli wrote a piece speculating on spurious rumors that Howard Stern was going to leave satellite for earth again. Stern has spent the last few days tearing apart every falsehood in the story. It was an attack on Stern, pure and simple and Stern says it’s no coincidence that it is timed to the convention of the National Association of Broadcasters (poor guys) in Texas. So the intrepid Langford got Mainelli on the phone — he has been too chicken to talk to Stern on the air — and pressed him on the fact that he is a radio consultant himself advising terrestrial radio stations and he does not disclose that in his reporting. Mainelli said he has no New York clients anymore. So what? Stern and Sirius are national. It is a conflict of interest, especially because it is not disclosed. Langford Mainelli also got threatening with Langford, which was good for a laugh. Langford earns the A. Mainelli fails the assignment.