Post writer flunks out

Post writer John Mainelli gets bounced. Langford bags one.

: LATER: Link fixed now. I am proud to say that I used my Treo to blog this from a church meeting. No lightning.

  • John

    What I don’t get is why this isn’t a bigger story? Sure, Romenesko picked up your original post, but not with the emphasis on the conflict of interest angle. In fact, it’s barely a blip on his Web page.

    What’s up with that?

    I mean isn’t it a big deal when a reporter is writing a story that he could clearly benefit from.

    Also, Radar paints it as Stern silencing his critics. When it’s, as you say, Journalism 101.

  • John,
    minor error: The link has double “http://”s. Small fix.

  • Jeff,
    I mean John, of course. Dratted keyboard.

  • Uh. Hm. Jeff/John confusion: A consequence of having your RSS feed right next to John Scalszi’s. Sorry about that.

  • Ben Sparks

    John Mainelli will be on the air Friday with Opie and Anthony to explain his side.

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  • Albert Aguirre

    John going on Opie and Anthony doesnt help his case any.
    I’m really looking forward to see if Keith Olberman says anything. I love that guy.

  • I am offended by the Radar Online article. It portrays the firing as something enginered by Stern, who was described as having declining industry clout, but who “still got enough juice” to get a Washington Post reporter fired.

    Oh, bullshit.

    There are episodes like this every day in which journalists are confronted by their bosses about the conflicts posed by their side businesses.

    Like the newspaper that stood up to Nixon is cowed by Howard Stern. It is to laugh.

  • Doug C.

    Listen to Mainelli’s side here on Opie & Anthony:

    Your blog *almost* got a plug. ;)

  • paul

    Billy Dennis

    first, it was the NY post, not Washington

    2nd, the John Mainelli article got picked up by so many outlets that rumors were out of hand. Mainelli was also on TV talking about this which made the firs even stronger . If you read his article and hear him on the TV show you can hear/see how the slander is so thickly laden.

  • the truth

    lol no one will be listening

  • John Mainelli will be on the air Friday with Opie and Anthony to explain his side.

    Albert’s right. Mainelli on O&A (on either XM or terrestrial radio) is in itself another conflict of interest.

  • John

    Mainelli was program director back at WABC in the mid-1990s who basically developed the station’s current talk line-up, bringing in Sean Hannity for PM drive after Bob Grant was fired over his Ron Brown comment and pairing up Curtis Sliwa with Ron Kuby, before going into the consulting business (working for stations like WNEW and WOR). So it’s really not like this guy wasn’t known in the New York radio industry and in the media world in general. The Post’s discovery that he was serving as a consultant for radio stations and using that as grounds for termination is about like Claude Raines being shocked there was gambling going on in Rick’s casino.

  • Eric

    Mainelli was smacked, plain and true. But at least on OnA a few dozen people will get to hear his side of the story. It was Mainelli’s responsibility to reveal the potential conflict of interest (note, even if there is no real conflict of interest, employees must reveal even potentially perceived conflicts of interest). He’s an idiot for not being more forthright, and because he was such a BIG DICK on the Steve Langford interview (‘you better watch it’ and ‘I didn’t consult with anyone in NY radio, got it?’ in his bad-boy dismissive tone). He got what he deserved.

    He hasn’t even apologized yet for publishing incorrect information.

  • Paul: My mistake. Yeah, I could see the NY Post backing down to Stern.


  • Rob G

    Good riddance you scum bag Mainelli. You wrote a clearly bogus article that unfortunately spread like a virus nationwide. You deserved to be fired.

  • Robert Hyland

    Did anyone listen to the interview on O&A?
    Are those guys supposed to be funny?
    They came across like jealous 5 year olds.

  • blastedontape

    What do o&a, john fagnelli, and beth o have in common? they both get on their knees and bow to the king. ;)

  • ha!ha! you got what you deserve asswipe.
    you got thrown under the sirius bus and got ran over by the wheels.
    john mainelli loser #1.

  • Paul

    who is john fagnelli?

  • “# Ben Sparks Says:
    September 21st, 2006 at 9:07 pm

    John Mainelli will be on the air Friday with Opie and Anthony to explain his side.

    Great, that what at least 5 people will hear Mainelli continue his bitter campaign against Stern.

    What’s the difference between Mainelli, O&A, and Howard Stern?

    *Your average person never heard of Mainelli or O&A.

    I guess it all just proves that if you suck at your job you’ll end up somehow connected to the Opie and Anthony show.

  • O and A fan

    Wow… Gotta love these comments. I really dislike these whole howard stern/OnA fights, they get ugly fast. Yeah, maneli prolly made a mistake, I give that, but to say howard has the relevance he once had is completely untrue. Before anyone disagrees, just look at the market share for any number 1 tv show out there. The percentage of viewers for that show is much lower than 10 years ago with all the competing media out there. anyway to my point, stern was, is, and will always be a great radio personality. No one will ever accomplish what he has done ever again probably, but that is not the point. I was and still am to a certain degree a big fan and admirer of howard, but his show doesnt do what it used to. He is also a big spinner to his audience about the numbers. Anyone thatbelieves all 4 million subscribers to sirius that have come on are ALL howard are delusional. people need to relax about this stuff. o and a is the show for me now for what it has done for comedy and its fan. I feel there is a lot more honesty to their show. I definitely feel for o and a because of the shit howard did to them, but hey thats their problem. At least they are more honest about their issues and hang ups. I am exhausted, but evryone on the board needs to chill out. Stern is good and he will be good until he retires. nothing can change that… ever. He has done too much to ever lose that, but that doesnt mean the man is infallible. It seriously feels like people believe every word that comes out of his mouth, f’ing zombies. Same with o and a, but thats what I like about them. They bust on themselves and are not afraqid to talk about their competition. I dunno, I really think people need to give o and a a chance, they are hilarious and are really innovating things, but they dont act like they are the one and only god. They can be really funny, espcially on xm, and are pretty honest and have really good comentary. O and A, ron and fez, howard, and a little show called the hideout are some of the best things happening in radio. just because there is hate between o n a and howard doesnt mean they are mutually exclusive. so what if o and a talk trash, they earned it. if u were treated liked that by some egomaniac and had to shut up, you dont think u would be pissed. and I dont use the word egomaniac as an insult to howard, he is an admitted control freak, and that what has alaways made him interesting. His overconfidence and drive are what really made his show shine, but again he is not infallible. Just because two radio personalities do not like each other mean that which ever one we choose is alwyas right, always better, and never wrong.

  • JohnW.

    Actually, Mainelli was at WABC from the late 80s until 1995. He was instrumental in bringing Rush Limbaugh to New York to launch his syndicated show and he also hired Curtis to do mornings–not to mention went to bat with ABC brass over Bob grant on more than one heated occasion.

    It is truly ironic that a guy who was more of a champion of free speech than Stern turned out to be, would be so heavily criticized by Stern, who I believe Mainelli was a big fan of for many years.

    As a programmer, John had the sense to program based on personality rather than ideology—a trait very few programmers seem to share. He had WABC as high in the ratings back in the early-mid 90s as that station has ever been since going talk. He left WABC (of his own free will) in the spring of 1995 after taking the station to #2 in the market 12+.

    He deserves a lot of credit as a talk programmer, not to mention a fearless manager of talent. It’s a shame to see him being beaten up by those who haven’t the slightest idea how effective he was as a radio programmer. He was more qualified to be writing about radio than most who are doing it around the country. And yes, intelligent people can manage to be objective even if they may be the appearance of a conflict of interest. Not everybody is a conniving schemer. The guy who gave John the ultimatum should be fired for being so entirely clueless in not knowing what countless others have been aware of for years–that is Mainelli’s consulting practice.

    Regardless, isn’t it refreshing to see the NY Post suddenly so concerned with even the slightest of minutia concerning “standards”. What a call to arms. Bravo, Post!


  • O and A fan

    john great post

  • Sam Rayburn
  • Rob

    There’s a guy around here named Hans. He walks around the neighborhood with his ‘Sirius gear.’ Looks like 1950s equipment. He wears an antenna on his head. He keeps changing direction to get the best reception. “Howard’s funny!” he says, usually too loud because he’s got big earphones on…

  • Rob:
    I’d kill for a picture of Hans.

  • Rob G

    Hey Rob,

    Your joking about “Hans” right. The portable units aren’t for sale yet and don’t fit your description anyway. The S50 can playback recorded shows but he wouldn’t have an antenna on his head! It’s more like a Ipod with headphones. What’s up?

  • Rob

    I’m just upset that they stole Artie from the easy-to-access – and free – airwaves…