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I’ve been wanting to know what viral videos had infected the most conversations and was thinking about trying to do something that looked at links and insertions into blogs and such. Well, somebody just went and did it. Scott Button unveils the Viral Video Chart. What’s interesting about this is that it isn’t purely traffic. It is about conversation. They explain:

We scan several million blogs a day to see which online videos people are talking about the most. We count the number of times each video is linked to and the number of times each video is embedded. Every morning, after we’ve had a cup of coffee, we publish a list of the 25 videos that generated the most buzz over the previous day. We reckon this is a pretty good yardstick of what’s hot and what’s not. At the moment we only look for references to videos on the three most influential video sharing sites: YouTube, Google Video and MySpace. We tried looking for references to videos on some other sites for a while, but nothing ever made the top 25 so we stopped.

Today’s top video, Keith Olberman slapping Bush around:

  • Angelos

    A true American hero.

  • Just think how nuts Olbermann will be in his dotage.

    These whackjobs age like bananas. At least Dan Rather and Jimmy Carter weren’t as noticebly certifiable as younger men.

    Too bad you can’t buy puts on a person.

  • chico haas

    Imagine NY’s response to the Bush Administration dictating what should be built on the site. As for Keith, no one, and I mean no one, ever read hoops scores better.

  • Angelos

    Nothing like the truth to drive you wingers batty, huh Captious?

  • Dean Wermer

    Olbermann was once a local LA TV sports reporter. He sucked. Big time. Then he became a local LA TV newscaster. He still sucked. Even more. Then he sucked on ESPN and now he sucks on MSNBC. As illogical, factually inaccurate, poorly reasoned, and self-righteous as always. Failing upwards. Though Olbermann’s ratings may not be bad for the disaster that is MSNBC, given the ceiling on the number of people who can stand watching him, he’s nevertheless a prime reason why MSNBC is unable to break out of its ratings doldrums. Can’t someone (I mean you Dan Abrams) make him go away?

  • Can a “winger” be “batty”(moon)?

    I thought they referenced antipodes, huh Angelos?

  • Fifty years ago when a newscaster read an editorial online it was on a major network and seen by millions (Murrow). Now it’s on a minor cable network and seen by few (although the item is getting around on the net).

    What does it say for the quality of network news that they don’t even have editorials anymore? (Eric Sevareid comes to mind.)

    When was the last time you saw someone face the camera and deliver a 10 minute opinion piece?

    A bit off topic, but if you are interested in seeing what the scene at the World Trade Center site looked like this 9/11 I’ve added a few short slides shows of the day to my annual series.
    (No pictures of ceremonies or grieving people, I leave that to the news media.)

    Here is the link:

  • kat

    If that’s today’s top video, then the bar is set awfully low–digging in the dirt level .

  • Robdert’s points above were more akin to my reaction — a rather incredible bit of broadcast journalism in this day and age.

  • Angelos

    Hey wingnuts!

    They’re building a moat around Baghdad.

    We must be winning!

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