I haven’t been a fan of Virginia Heffernan, The Times’ TV critic, but now she has done something to make me like her: She’s diving into online TV on her blog, obsessing about the lonelygirl15 series and whether it’s real or how real it is. She even appeared on On the Media this week to gab about it, calling it something to the effect of one of the most compelling TV shows going. TV explodes.

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  • Isn’t it interesting how a Hollywood sponsored “Citizen Media” effort can attrack so much Hollywood buzz when the real thing get ignored by practically everyone… futher proof that average people are below average… and if you’ve got the funds anybody can have a “hit’ on their hands.

    Enjoy net freedom while you can it will soon be the Gap of Protest Culture.
    Co-opted, generic, homogenous mind drival just like the Tube. You dig?

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